The Event Log celebrated its first birthday last week! Reason enough to make some advertisement.

Inside the Event Log Details sheet you find nearly all (I missed some due to holidays; but no, I did not miss any Vitos event ) commander events from the last 12 month (growing) documented with a price calculation or estimate and informations about Augmentation Chips rewards (for those who own the commander already) as well as on bonus items.
Additionally many other events like events for Z Boson, Dual Trait Galactonites, Flagship Augmentation, ... were and are logged.

Price estimates are calculated or investigated (collected from players' feedback at forums, Facebook or in-game chat) as good as possible. Especially for Treasure Hunts and Chest events I pray for your understanding that I do not make the proof!

There are two other sheets in the Event Log that may contain helpful information for you: Event Ages (Return Prediction) and Commander Price Trends (Credits; Best Price).

The first one (Event Ages) should help to make commander buys and reoccurences in general a bit schedulable. The main reason to introduce this sheet was a series of commander events last spring in which an Augmentation bonus was given. So knowing when a commander's return could be expected could help to revert a commander in time in order to get some free Augmentation Chips or other Augmentation rewards.

The last sheet (Commander Price Trends) hopefully can help to plan a commander purchase by giving some general pricing trend information.

So, I hope this gives you a better understanding of commander (and to some extend item) pricing and cycle times. If you have information to add (especially Chest Events/Treasure Hunts) or find mistakes please contact me!