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Thread: Commander Focus #4: Sirenne

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    Hi to all.

    I dont have the sirenne , but i desire him ...For me is one of the top best commanders....
    I see him against my team...and his doghte and death code are so an exellent skills that have...can give the victory at any time , and when you think that you had win...he can turn the result....

    The best one

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    When introduced the top players' metagame was about high speed (Khala, Hunter, Vladimir), high critical chance (Incendos, Vladimir, Frost, Quasimodo, Aquos), and high dodge (Khala, Hunter, Aquos, Quasimodo, Cabal) and low hitrate. Many players did not even use a real Protector so average blockrate was pretty low. A metagame perfectly suited for Sirenne: His crit chance was higher than most opposing commanders' anti-crit and his anti-crit was higher than other commanders' crit chance. The same for hitrate/dodge. So among most other ships Sirenne was primus inter pares.

    With the most recent additions this advantage is mostly gone. Hitrate is either high enough to overcome Sirenne's dodge or can be buffed by Roxy. High blockrate is everywhere thanks to Cryptor, Warden, Roxy, Alfred, ...

    Sirenne still can turn a battle from loss to victory and in some desperate fights this might be the only chance to win but other commanders add more reliabilty to the whole fleet (Roxy, Warden, Cryptor), are the better killers (Incendos, Armoray, Alfred) or have the better tools (Cryptor, Retrobot).
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    Sirenne 😍😍👌

    I would like to own sirenne but I can't save up .. So if you gift me i will be grateful for you 😍 My birthday is coming ✌ 💥💥
    He is great to prepare enemy fleet to the final shot!

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    I have him with Khala +4 he is quiet good. If Zaffrey comes Celestic Portal it would be great. Without Zaffrey, i got Armoray and Incendos to help him defeat many Enemies.

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    Когда уже акцию на него запустите? Полтора месяца прошло, а его так и нет

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    Sirenne is awesome commander. Would be great to have him, he would give me that needed edge in arena. Daambaa.s336 Worls 1239 android

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    santa прав.акцию давайте!
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    Sirenne with high dodge and Krill can be a major pain! Don't have Sirenne and he doesn't really fit with my fleet, but seems like a very good commander. I have faced him in the arena a few times!

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    Sirenne, so special, I have him on my fleet since he came out and I got to say that he is Superb commander …. Balanced Attack and Defense stats make him a reliable commander in his class and probably among the others mighty commanders (Retrobot, Cryptor, etc) at the moment he is probably fighting with Roxy for the Best Rover non SS…
    So Heaven or Hell Duel 1 Lets Rock:
    Hit rate: 110%, not so bad but it’s kind of low taking in consideration Beasts like Retrobot and Alfred dodge rate, but at the moment its ok.
    Critical: 20%, pretty standard, but increases 0.5% with augmentation, not so bad at all.
    Dodge: 25%, no other non SS rover has that much dodge rate, ah ah lets make it clear only Tyke (which is an SS class) have more initial dodge rate (30%)… and still augmentation give sirenne boost in is dodge rate so cheers you will be slippery
    Anti-Critical: 35%, no one, I mean nobody, yeah you heard it right no other Rover non SS has 35% of anti-critical. you’re going to be surprised: in all game only Katya Storm and Alkharaz (both protectors and SS CLASS) surpasses Sirenne Anti Critical with 40% I mean in all game… in all game only Vitos (non SS) matches sirenne; also Moracle and Arturis ( both SS class) matches Sirenne 35%… That’s awesome and means he can survive way way long nowadays that fights take 10 round.
    S atk: Dude if Sirenne codifies you with the “DEATH CODE” (deals 100%) consider Skip the battle cause everything might blow in a blink of an eye (because of cross chain reaction that will cause and deal 150% S atk)… yeah in blink of an eye… CABOOOOOM
    Lieutenants: as all rovers, he benefits of such good backup from Zaffrey (making him disappear) and of course the mighty Krill… you don’t have none of those 2? Well you can still use Khala ( increases penetration by 2 and at +4 and when your health is below 50% she might give you 10% of Critic attack) its better than Nothing I think…
    Positioning Sirenne in Battle: well as you can see Sirenne can be almost everything, Tanker, supportive role, Attacker role, he can work in every battle position… but for me you might want him to be in the front lines and be one of the 1st guys to shoot so he can codifie the enemy and finish the job with some destructive force (Incendos, Armoray, etc) but still in front he can protect a commander (assuming that the opponent shots an horizontal and monomer attack).
    Penetration: Why Sirenne, Why you have to shoot so weak that you can’t penetrate my enemy armor? Yeah, he have 0% penetration (as most rovers Aquos, Quasimodo, Hunter, etc), you know what that means right? Being blocked almost all day long, and oh oh You’re doomed cause you’re in a position to take counter shoots almost all time.
    S atk: Death code is a superb S atk but fails cause has 80% of chance to codifie, yeah 80% its high value but it’s still 80% of probability, it means that sometimes he might fail and that’s not good… and there are some formations that might make hard to clean all opponents ships with that chain reaction.
    Best Galactonite Setups: Wind Trail, War Shadow, a sky trail (if you want speed) but you can also use a Shining R5 or Storm R5, a Fracture galactonite, and the last 2 galas its on your choice, maybe a Starlight (or with speed), a Strike (or with speed), a block, its your call…
    In enemy fleet Watch out for: commanders with high block rate (protectors, Cryptor, Alfred, etc) cause they will block most of your shots and punish you with counter; look out with commanders that will negate your dodgy ability: Celeste, Dark Celeste, Roxy and Hunter cause they increase Hit rate of ships making hard to dodge; and finally be aware of Alfred and Retrobot as they can play dodge ball with your shots…
    Team up?: Well its your call, but try Cabal, Roxy, Incendos, Armoray, Retrobot,...

    I Got to Say Sirenne is Certified as ONE OF THE GREATS commanders, So cammon dont think twice and Get Him, he is a game changer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guyver View Post
    Penetration: Why Sirenne, Why you have to shoot so weak that you can’t penetrate my enemy armor? Yeah, he have 0% penetration (as most rovers Aquos, Quasimodo, Hunter, etc), you know what that means right? Being blocked almost all day long, and oh oh You’re doomed cause you’re in a position to take counter shoots almost all time.
    If they block, because of low penetration they survive.
    Seems like the low penetration might be a good thing (how rare), that way you activate death code on your enemy. Then the follow up kill strike, sending ripples of damage or death through the enemy fleet.
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