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Thread: Commander Focus #4: Sirenne

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    Commander Focus #4: Sirenne


    During the Halloween Event we were presented to Sirenne. At that time we all got really impressed with him. He was the first commander from the new generation commanders, that we can get from the Treasure Hunt Event. Taking a look at his status we can see great defensive attributes with a very high value at both anti critical and dodge. Sirenne is very difficult to be killed and with Zaffrey +4 as Lieutenant he can manage to destroy a complete enemy fleet.

    Although, even with these great defensive attributes, the main reason that Sirenne was received as a super strong commander of the new generation is his special: DEATH CODE. With his special, Sirenne can curse enemies and if they die it will trigger a secondary effect that activates a 150% satk cross special.

    If you take a look at when Sirenne was released we were surrounded with top speed fleet formed by: Incendos, Vladimir, Hunter and Khala. As speed is still very important and was even more in that period of time, the top players would only exchange a top speed commander for another with a very high potential to release a great damage in more than one enemy.

    Another important aspect about Sirenne is that he is a Rover Commander. This is great and bad at the same time. The top 2 positive things about this are:
    1 If you have Violette +4 as lieutenant you will receive +100 speed from Sirenne (and each other rover commanders) beyond her 3% extra hit rate to all commanders;
    2 If you have Zaffrey +4 as lieutenant you will receive extra 5% HP and the invisibility ability.

    The negative thing about he being rover is that we need a lot of rovers in top competitive fleet. We need Violette +4 (64 chips), Krill +7 (199 chips), Sirenne +7 (199 chips) and even Zaffrey +4 (64 chips).

    With that said, is Sirenne a great commander in my opinion? Definitely yes. With his DEATH CODE Sirenne can change a lost battle in a blink of eyes. As his secondary satk is cross type it's verry difficult to create a formation that does not take damage in 2 or 3 commanders (sometimes even the full fleet). His cross attack can still be a critical (even if you don't see it as yellow damage), can be blocked (and Sirenne has a low penatration) and I've never seen it being dodged (at least I don't remember).

    So... why is Sirenne losing space in the competitive fleet? If you take a deep look at his special you can see that it only causas 100% satk damage and differently from Retrobot it doesn't bring a short term secondary effect. Now a days the top players have both defensive and offensive atributes well balanced, so his first hit at the special practically doesn't cause damage and Sirenne needs a second ally commander to finish the job. You can't even count too much with him releasing a critical, because if he kills the enemy the curse will not be activated. With this I don't want to say that Sirenne is not good, but that he is now not as dangerous as in the time he was released, when most of players had a high offensive power, but low defense. Another thing to analyse is that most competitive players have also retrobot and have two commander with only 100% satk is complicated as you lose a lot of fire power in the first round of the battle.

    For the medium players Sirenne is still a big advantage. Even if you shot second you can definitely find a formation that can make you win the battle and that was way harder before Sirenne. If you are not old in the game or don't spend too much Sirenne is a very good investment, as he will stay a long time in your formation.

    Do you own a Sirenne? Perhaps you would like to own him. Share with us your experience or insights on using Sirenne or fighting against him. Bring your personal insights about this great commander.
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    Looks very devastating. Would like to own.

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    Ооо это точно. Но нам смертным это не грозит. У меня зарплата в месяц- как стоимость одного командира s класса
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    I just want him because Idont have any very strong commander
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    Dealing with Sirenne is a pain in the butt. My rivals in my server has Sirenne and the most annoying part of him is that he has a very high dodge rate. Apart from the fact that his S-ATK is painful, if he goes invisible, that's an entirely different story.

    One of my only chances of beating Sirenne is either, launching an attack that kills him before he releases his S-ATK, or dodge the S-ATK. With my recent addition of Quasimodo, I can finally use the meat shield to absorb the S-ATK, for another chance of survival. Still, Sirenne is one of the best commanders I've seen so far in 2 years.
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    i have him really great commander his skill could kill all my enemy fleets but i need another good attacker to help him hell.s218 world 212

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    Прекрасный командир, с отличным умением
    Хотел бы его приобрести, как и многие другие игроки

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    Looks like a really awesome commander. Would love to try him out

    Seems that you could really play with a lot of different tactics which could allow you to use your favorite commanders which are not that strong with Sirenne in the team.

    Would love to try him out TAP to give a detailed reply

    MikaG Word689(IOS)

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    I would really like to own Sirenne,can do miracles with that S-Atk and that insane dodge is hard to deal with.Always a pain to fight against it but i would really try what happens when its in my fleet Hope we will see it soon at a fairly discounted price!
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    dont have him buy zaffrey with +4 on a +6 aquos he is a great commander. But i dont know if he will great with a combination Incendos +4, dark asgard +5, aqous +6. any advice will much appreciate.

    sedatigbar.s199 Android server 197

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