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    Commander Focus #3: Alfred

    Newest S class ranger released after Cryptor and Retrobot, players now have a lethal option to add to the list with an explosive sattack that seems very attractive theoretically - vertical 120% sattack, stays hidden, and inflicts a curse on the target with an explosion of 400% sattack after one round. His introduction to the game has set quite a buzz where players are attracted by the 400% curse.

    As a new generation commander, his base stats are impressive - high critrate, anticrit, dodge and block and a very high hitrate at 130% to counter current meta of dodging ships like retrobot and sirenne etc. He also augments nicely with increase to critrate, crit damage, dodge, block, anticrit and hitrate hence at +7 he has beastly stats.

    Similar to Lance, his accumulator does not increase when being hit; relies on a heavy block setup to increase chances of counter to charge his accumulator which a lot of us are familiar with when using Lance in the past. This is aided by his high block base stat so coupled with block duals like giant peak or arc and a ts ranger module with block added as secondary stats this is further enhanced. Therefore, in the survivability department, his invisibility and block rate should prolong his fights. Synergy with commanders like Warden which further adds 30% block with his sattack guarantees more counters and faster charging of his accumulator. Plausible Lts are of course Krill+4/+7 and Elsa+4.

    That said, we would like to focus on his practical usage in battles - while on paper the 400% curse should be a guaranteed ohko for the cursed ships, some players have reported that the actual damage doesn't seem to measure to 400%, with some claiming Sirenne's death code does more at 150%. While I have not had the luxury of testing this out due to my opponents having lower equips and hp where the full measure of the explosion could not be tested. Do share you own experience if you own him so Tap could actually look into this to ensure that the 400% value reflected is correct or rectified.

    Share your experience now that Alfred is still available to help others decide whether they should commit with a few days left in this treasure hunt. As mentioned, theoretical look at this commander seems quite OP but we have to look into the actual damage of the curse to really measure his true worth.
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