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Thread: Galactic Chairmen Guide :: CCC Analysis :: Feb 2016 Level 100 (Android)

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    Galactic Chairmen Guide :: CCC Analysis :: Feb 2016 Level 100 (Android)

    Cross Cosmos Competition Feb 2016 Android Level 100 Review

    I was very undecided if it is worth to write a wrap-up about last CCC as it was so obviously a farce.

    2016-03-17_00-44-24 CCC Level 100 Overview.jpg

    The winner of level 100 competition on Android platform is again... eh no - it's MTwizzle.s72! That is no real surprise. MTwizzle.s72 has won countless CtCs and recently has dramatically improved his fleet. With the completion of his set of TS-5 Modules... Eh, sorry, wrong space-time line. In our continuum it is 197911.s331 who ruled most CtCs! So what has happened? The recently introduced fleet configuration feature had a bug. It allowed players to stack multiple instances of equipment to a single commander making those commanders stronger and faster than usual.

    What would you have done if you had found unexpectedly the ultimate weapon to overwhelm all competitors? Would you have snatched at the chance? Or would you have opted to play fair? Sportsmen or ... everyone decides on his/her own.

    Commander Usage Analysis

    The dethroned king is back: Incendos is again the most frequently used commander!! Retrobot has to content himself with the second rank. Cryptor passed Sirenne. And Roxy and Warden celebrated strong debuts. With their crit chance, hitrate and blockrate boost both commanders support the fleet with crucial values in the high dogde, anti-crit and partially low penetration metagame.

    2016-03-17_20-52-32 CCC Level 100 Commander Usage Analysis.png

    The Speed Thing

    There is no reliable analysis possible this time because the players who abused the equipment glitch biased the results.

    Lieutenants Usage Analysis

    Again only lieutenants with triggered abilities are included in the analysis. Jackie remains to be the most prevalent triggering lieutenant. But Krill is still on the rise. Probably players still learn how to use his skill at its best. Thanks to Warden Kit and Acc'tan stole the show from Zaffrey and Elsa.


    From sporty point of view the last CCC was really disappointing as some players abused game bugs. Questionable is also why tap4fun did not stop this right after noticing the issue. There were enough hints while the competition was still running. The next CCC is announced already. Let us all hope it returns to the thrilling and entertaining character of the previous one!

    What is your opinion?

    Appendix A - Position Usage Distribution

    Just a small and bad graphic to illustrate the position usage. Sadly the google spreadsheet graphics make an awful scaling of the bubble diameters.

    Appendix B - Raw Data

    Youtube videos of all level 100 battles:
    Last 32 left branch:
    Last 32 right branch:
    Last 16:
    Quarter finals:
    Semifinals and final:
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    Event log:
    PVP: Craven/Chris/Slade T-IV [+15], Sky Mightlis [+15], Penelope [+15], Galaxy Lord [+T3], Roland [+T3]

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    Thank you for this, I always looking at it.
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    Good work, well written and informative. Thank you
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