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Thread: Galactic Chairman Guide :: Ender Bean Wiggins :: Optimizing Prestige

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    Galactic Chairman Guide :: Ender Bean Wiggins :: Optimizing Prestige

    What are your best methods for obtaining prestige?

    Upon my attempt to calculate all the possibilities I have compiled the following information and am currently at a total of (15,590) prestige collected in one day with a total of 150 credits spent in the diplomacy center and 250 credits spent for 3 extra mining chances at 50% off. With gold mines paying out around 1600 prestige this may be a good route for obtaining extra prestige. I still have to finish using all my mining chances for the daily and enter primus in the a.m. to calculate the total amount of prestige possible a day on free credits. I will post final daily number after primus. If possible I will do this all week for an average.

    Pics/work posted in comments.20160313_225208.jpg
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    Thanks bean. Look forward to the final analysis
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