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Thread: The Legion :: Check In :: 12 - MARCH - 2016

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    Hello warriors

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    무엇이 귀사의 상식인가요?
    합리적이라고 생각하는 기준은 무엇인가요?
    What is the common sence of your company?
    What is the basement of reasonability in your company?

    왜 손해보고 상심한 고객이 귀사의 무책임하고 뻔뻖한 행태를 이해하고 양해해야하죠? 그것이 귀사의 판매 노하우 인가요?

    Why do you think the customer who make a loss and is broken-hearted because of your irresponsible and bald-faced behavior understand and excuse you? Is it your know-how for sale?

    난 당신들의 불충분하고 상시접근 가능하지 않으며 시의 적절하지 못한 정보 제공과 일관성없는 게임운영으로 피해를 본사람 인
    데 그래고 그 피해가 경제적인부분뿐만아니라 시간적으로도 정신적으로 미치고 잇는데 왜 보상을 못해주겠다는 거죠?

    I'm a victim because I make a loss money and time and emotion because of your insufficiently and not timely and not accessible providing information and disconnected operating computer game. why you don't refund and indemnify?

    외국에 있어서 법적으로 쟁점화하기 어려운 개인유저들의 입장을 이용해 악덕상업행위를 하는 건가요?
    Is it your sales gimmick for the people not in your country
    because it is hard for them to file a lawsuit against you?

    재차 요구 합니다. 빠른시일내에 내가 요구한 사항을 변상 배상해 주시비쇼... 투자한 비용에 상응하는 상품을(아이템을) 지급하거나 아니면 환불 변상 배상해 주십쇼
    I make a request again. As soon as possilbe do indemnify what i asked to you by two way(refund my money-cancel my charging with credit card or give me the same the same item of first prize.)

    공으로 남의돈을 먹는 강도같은 도둑같은 짓을 귀사는 하지 않으리라 믿고 싶네요.... 지금 까지 행태는 참으로 실망스럽기 그지 없습니다.

    I want to trust you that you don't get mony for nothing,

    Until now all i can think about your answer is disappointed.

    저는 힘이 없습니다. 하지만 저같은 다수는 강할지도 모릅니다.

    I have no power as much as you can ignore my request, but we those who like me are powerful.

    world1434 서버 nulbo2013입니다.

    그리고 빠른시일내에 크래딧으로 구입한 보급품이 대전종료등으로 날라가는 일이 없도록 귀사는 조치 해야만 할 겁니다. 그걸 부당하게 이득으로 취하는 행위는 참으로 비양심적이고 부도덕한일 아닌가요? 귀사는 서비스를 제공하는 회사인가요? 도둑질을 하는 회사인가요?

    Why you don't take a measure about the problem the supplies which the user bought by credit(game money whice the users buy it by real money) disappear when the battle with other alliance( in the event of space war which supplied every each end of months) is over.

    Why you don't refund it? it's not yours.... It is their(the user's) peoperty... Don't you think it is not good earn money without no providing service or goods? It is a thing unscrupulous and immoral. Are you a company for providing internet game service? or Are you a company for buncoing customers and
    steal their money?

    As i talked to you, In the space war event the limit of supplies is 32/32 about auto-filled things as time goes.

    but those things boughted by user use there game money(credits) has no limit...
    So they are filled limitless..... like this way "3000/32" appear
    the number above the monitor.

    on the last day i was bought many supplies 3000 or more and
    clicked and clicked again and again but can't use all of it....
    because the battle time is over.....

    I can't remember the exact number i lose but i know it is more 1500 supplies.....

    In your answer you write "i use all supplies normally, and get those item normally" What is "normally" ?

    Is it "notmal things" on your side steal ours money whthout no
    goods and service?

    I can't understand..... Are you a fraud?

    사용자 주의 문구 아시죠? 전자레인지에 애완동물을 넣지 마시오.... 귀사는 어느정도까지 제조자 서비스 제공자로서 책임을지고 사용를 위해 귀사의 제품사용과 관련하여 구체적이고 자세한 정보를 제공하고 잇다고 생각하시는? 지금까지 제가 접한바로는 참으로 쓰래기 스럽습니다.

    You know what..........On the hand-book of Micro wave oven , there is writen "Putting into pet, don't make it heat up "
    How do you think about that.....?

    How about you....... ? How do you think about the duty of providing information about your product..? there's no sentence in your Q&A about pandora event and space war event..... Because you send email and in it write down the words "you can't request battle after 7:40 am" .....

    Do you think it is enough.....for your customers?
    Really? Enough?

    Me llam la atencin est mensaje que le enviaron a T4F

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    Son una manada de ladrones mae

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    hola a todos que tengan buena semana y que Dios los bendiga a todos

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    Ciao a tutti

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    Hello players!

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