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Thread: [AoW] Faction :: Weekly Check In :: 9 Mar - 15 Mar #19

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    Ts3 as credit reward, and also better ctc rewards. R5/chroma is outdated
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    Prisme 5...convertisseur quartz

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    Portal event gone forever, or be back soon?
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    Personally, I'd like some more r6 prisms (let's say enough to build up an r6 dual after 2 CtC events if one is able to score 40000+)
    Out of initial topic, (since you may have such an privelege with t4f ) can you ask t4f to stop making new commanders? They could reuse existing ones as CtC/mining, etc rewards.
    Also, some more imaginative ways to spend credits appart from straightforward "buy xxx" aided by "higher chance to get crap" packs would be welcome. I'd rather spend daily a reasonable amount of credits in a challenging event (pandora like) with reasonable and useful rewards but i will not buy anymore a single commander or crap chances based stuff in empire treasure, chest, etc events
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    moo ... just a better preview of new only changes at my 1.30am(china 9,30am)..need a longer preview of events so we can plan ahead !!
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    Trade function between ally member
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    What's up guys

    Done !!!

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    Checking in!

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    Checked ! These rewards from Conquer the Cosmos are old....i suggest one of the r5 to be r6 now.. and also the chroma r6 to be more or the points cap to be reduced.

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    Celestial Portal, cheaper commanders, only 2 or 3 months new commanders, better CtC rewards...

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