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Thread: new chaos quasar. BUG?

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    new chaos quasar. BUG?

    hello all.
    today i fight in chaos quasar with normal tactic, reduce force in flash ship and fight with 70M .
    and i find this little surprise in fight 10.
    What happend is some new bug?

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    Good luck beating that player with 70 mil force!
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    words fail me ... its like they really want you to go elsewhere to play a game ? see this all day in most of the face book forums , some are hitting monster fleets with lv 2 paint coats on ????

    this is getting to be the only game in which you dread a update !!!
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    I understand that people like to be challenged and go into CQ with their full fleets, but why would you do it if you still need the bosons?
    It is better to reduce your force as much as possible while still using an effective fleet. For a long time I used a fleet of 3 destroyers and Akhe that had ~85-90M force while my main fleet was over 200M. Now I switched to using Cabal with Elsa+4 fully equipped and 3 other empty ships without any equipment or Gala. My force is around 58M and it works like a charm. I pass easily every day and it does not take more than 5 minutes.
    Even if you sometimes die in the last rounds, with Elsa and Cabal's natural dodge and a dual R6 dodge there is no way you wouldn't win anyway after the 2nd or 3rd try.
    It just can't fail.
    If you need bosons find a way to pass for sure.
    If you don't need bosons anymore challenge yourself and go full fleet.
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    Consider it a "gift" from tap4bugs..
    In my last wave I've encountered a lvl 95 and even a lvl 100 player while i'm only level 90.
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