A reliable rover who is often overlooked, yet highly effective with DuomilIan as a summoned meatshield with up to 3mil HP at lvl100. He also possesses good all-round stats in the current game with high crit rate, dodge and anti-crit - at 120% sattack his horizontal beam does quite considerable damage too. Multi attacks are always welcome.

We have seen his effectiveness in CCC, with some players bringing out the best in Quasimodo with effective use of his summon to buy time for his fleet through directing their fire away from the main ships. At 3mil HP at lvl100, he can withstand good damage and in a well equipped fleet, if quasimodo can fire his 2nd attack,, allows the player to drag the battle and even help overcome higher force enemies.

Do you own a Quasimodo? Perhaps you would like to own one. Share with us your experience or insights on using Quasimodo and what sort of fleet he would work best in.