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Thread: GL Commanders HQ [CHQ] weekly sign-in #18

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    Finally a google Pandora!

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    Good Morning all have a nice week

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    Hello Boyz n Galz :-P

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    Quote Originally Posted by XyXy View Post
    Hi All [CHQ] Members,
    Please post a quick reply on this thread and get points for our group.
    Keep active and we will be a winner again for this week.
    Happy Gaming to All.

    [CHQ] Rules !!!
    Let's ask tap to ease up on TS modules so that more people can actually enjoy them

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    <p>Hello world!</p>

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    How do you do? Ohoooho..
    When you nod your head yes
    But you wan to say no
    How do you do..

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    Goodmorning world

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    Drama Queen.s451 world 1354 Android

    Galaxy Legend - Commanders HQ

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    Hi all all all

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    How are you?

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