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Thread: Contest: Commander Focus #1 - Brom Bones

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    Contest: Commander Focus #1 - Brom Bones


    Released during Halloween 2014 event, Brom Bones still packs quite a punch in current meta with a highly desired cross attack that does not increase targets’ accumulator and also lowers their def by 20%. What this means is, on top of the damage that he does as a destroyer, he also plays a supportive role of debuffing opponents and paving the way for more damage to be done to them while relatively reducing opponent’s damage output (thru S-attacks) by not increasing their accumulator.

    However if you compare him with current favourite Incendos, released Sep 2015, Incendos is the deadlier and more explosive destroyer with higher damage output due to the way his s-attack is calculated (based on targets’ accumulator) and has also more speed and 100% hitrate as compared to Brom’s 95% hitrate. However, Brom still possesses good base critrate, penetration as well as anti-crit that still makes him relevant today and has helped to shift his role as a support destroyer.

    With reshape giving ships more HP as well as higher anti-crits for current ships, it is hard for destroyers to perform their traditional role of OHKO (One-hit Knockout) even for Incendos against a well-equipped fleet. Brom hence still plays a viable role of not just being able to deal the decent eattack damage as a destroyer, but also the supportive role in a prolonged fight through his debuffs.

    In conclusion, if you can afford Incendos, by all means he is the preferred choice for a destroyer in current meta; Brom has gotten more affordable but can still play a vital role in your fleet should you have limited resources.

    What are your perspectives on Brom? Do you agree with what is written here? Wanna share in your opinion the best galactonite setup for Brom? Feel free to add your views, analysis and insights here!
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    My biggest issue with Brom as with him being a destroyer, his base stat block increase would be better served as a base stat dodge increase. That would allow him to stay high hp for longer.

    As far as everything else, the cross attack is the most useful part IMO, but I don't run destroyers right now. The defensive liabilities for any destroyer are just too much for me.

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    I can't count how many arena battles were lost because Brom block+countered an attack and then fired a second S-ATK in round 2 or 3.

    While it is nice to not get hit (e.g. Incendos & his base Dodge), a block+counter is so much more devastating due to the accumulator charge (25 for being hit, 25 for countering, and 25 bonus). Pairing with other new commanders such as Warden (block increase!) or Roxy (crit & hit rate increase!) is equally as effective for Brom as it is Incendos. In my opinion, as the rest of your fleet increases in capability, Brom and Incendos are interchangeable. That is, if I had one, I wouldn't get the other (unless of course, the needed credits/DNA fell from the sky )

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    I got a very "fat" opponent in Arena. So he plays with 2 destroyers - Inc and Brom.

    I like his formations - usually he use one of these:

    1) - Retrobot -
    Sirene - Flagship
    Brom - Incendos


    2) Retrobot - -
    - Sirene Flagship
    Brom - Incendos


    He got a Lt. Jack on Brom and Krill on Incendos.

    The main idea is: even he has a second move, if one of his Destroyers is alive - you got a good chance to be killed on a second round.

    His Retrobot with freezing and decreasing accumulators ability helps him to stay alive to a second round. Also Sirene is another "hard to kill commander" with bombs. And as it were mentioned before its becoming more and more difficult to kill with the first shot even for Incendos, and his Krill usually makes him 100% hp on a second round of the battle. So usually he wins all battles in the second round, with Brom and Incendos shots all Most Cells of your Formation, even if you still alive (that hardly can happen) - Sirene's bombs will finish it.

    I hope my post will be useful for players, that love to play with Destroyers - this is a good example how you can use both of them
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    Having used Brom Bones for a while now, he still plays an important role in my fleet. The no-accumulator increase for his special is a huge perk for him, especially against Lance, while the 20% Def decrease allows him to set up the enemy for extra damage. Adding hitrate galactinite is a must, with only 95% base and today's high dodge commanders this is his biggest weakness. High Critical rate and critical damage really help lay waste to the enemy's fleet.

    Sometimes you need to just use him as a setup man, hit many enemies, reduce their defense if not destroy them. Your other commanders then can take advantage of that def and mop up, unfortunately this means he'll be in the front of your formation, and often will not see a chance to fire a second special. I would like to see putting him and incendos together and watch your enemies tremble!

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    I liked brom for a long time and still do. The s atk difference makes a huge difference, and the 5% hit rate matters. With Incendos being the hardest hitter (130% S-Atk with 100 accu, 140% with my 120accu) he is second to none, except ss. Incendos leaves a path for my NEWLY added Warden (&#128156, Armoray, and Sirenne to clean up the leftovers. The buffs Warden now supplies keeps Incendos alive very well... I do miss brom. I always loved a good destroyer. Being the first one to have kraing wayyy back when for a long time, i got everyones attention on brom when he was released. I currently dont want to run a multi destroyer fleet but i see it done very well. With high damage, crit, and hit rate the two can be very lethal even if one survives...

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    Brom Bones's high block serves 4 purposes which actually mitigates a destroyers lower DEF and S-DEF and makes him even more lethal.

    1. damage reduction to a hit, upon a successful, the effect is the same as a higher DEF & S-DEF
    2. increase the frequency of shooting his special, as a successful block will increase accumulator charge by 1 bar.
    3. a free shot when a counter does occur, the return attack will inflict more damage on the opponent - and since destroyers ignore DEF & S-DEF, it is pretty much direct damage applied to HP
    4. further increased of shooting his special with a counter, Brom Bone's accumulator charge increases by 1 more bar.

    Assuming Brom Bones activates his special in round 1, and there is a attack, and 1 successful block and 1 successful block and counter, the net effect is that in round 3, Brom Bones will be able to activate his special again with something extra thrown in.

    Round n Event accumulatator
    1 Special Attack 0%
    1 Blocks 25%
    1 Block and Counter 75%
    2 Normal Attack 100%
    2 Blocks 125%
    2 Block and Counter 175%
    3 Special Attack 175% of Brom Bones normal special attack
    Wow! Just like a cheap Incendos

    Meanwhile due to his special attack of reducing opponents' DEF by 20% by 2 rounds, that really helps follow up attacks from a normal commanders - almost making their attack - honorary destroyer like

    Is this scenario possible? Sure it is with Hull Reshape, z-boson up Cores(HP), Armour (DEF), Shield (S-DEF).

    Can't hit distractors may say, well, TS modules to the rescue. Sure Deatheye galactonite can help. But TS modules makes a greater difference because you don't have to farm galactonite energy to raise the appropriate Deatheye R4, R5 or R6 up level.

    Slow Brom Bones? No problem, just put any of the speed galactonite on him and the problem's solved

    So yes, Incendos may the favoured destroyer, but a properly equipment and packed Brom Bones, can and IS still lethal.
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    As more new tanky commanders (higher, anti crit, block, dodge hp etc) and supporting equips like TS modules are release, the OHK capabilities of brom drops as he only deal 80% of S-atk which is considered low despite destroyers class ability to penetrate and deal more damage. Hence i would like to think that Brom will perform better in mid battle as it drops defence and does not contribute to acc for enemies 2nd round of s-atk special. though ideally brom's block would help it block counter, destroyers' paper defence might not be able to take damage well due to new TS modules and galas that boosted ship one hit kill capabilities. Thus, for most people who do not have not attain a decent reshape lvl and gala lvl or a set of good TS modules will find brom inferior to incy who will most likely wipe out half of the fleet before it could do something to turn the tide.
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    I'm using a second shoot strategy, more precisely I haven't put anything in speed, preferring to have full DEF, E-DEF and S-DEF first.
    For me Brom is there more for the support/cleanup role than for the huge amount of damage role. He fits perfectly into my fleet of Sirenne, Thantos, Frost Jr.
    In this kind of strategy, on the first turn the destroyers are usually blocked by the enemy jackie, so what I do use him for is to either cleanup kill some ships on the second round and to debuff for the rest of my fleet.
    Since a destroyer wouldn't hit on the first round, on the second round enemies accumulators will be low enough that basically Incendios and Brom do the same damage, but Brom has the advantage of not increasing accumulators + debuff.

    As for galactonite setup, at the moment I use: Deatheye, Phantom, Tekken, Deep Blue, SO and Star Blaze (crit/s-atk).
    Ideally though, on him I would setup something like this on him
    for second shooting: Nefario (e-atk/hp), Giant Peak (anti-crit/block), Fracture (Hit/Crit ATK), Rainbow (S-DEF/S-ATK), War Shadow (crit/pen) and Shining (DEF/acc)
    for top speed strategy: Nefario (e-atk/hp), Giant Peak (anti-crit/block), Fracture (Hit/Crit ATK), Star Blaze (crit/s-atk), Meteor and Shining (DEF/acc).
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    I had Brom Bones...
    I used him everyday on my daily formation, use to primus invasion too and give much point ...
    He had wonderfull skill....s-attack almost deadly for the enemy and for more he can low down 20% their defense, naturally a wonderfull block that make him use more s-attack to send my team on win....
    My Brom Bone in action....

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