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Thread: Contest: Commander Focus #1 - Brom Bones

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    Contest: Commander Focus #1 - Brom Bones


    Released during Halloween 2014 event, Brom Bones still packs quite a punch in current meta with a highly desired cross attack that does not increase targets’ accumulator and also lowers their def by 20%. What this means is, on top of the damage that he does as a destroyer, he also plays a supportive role of debuffing opponents and paving the way for more damage to be done to them while relatively reducing opponent’s damage output (thru S-attacks) by not increasing their accumulator.

    However if you compare him with current favourite Incendos, released Sep 2015, Incendos is the deadlier and more explosive destroyer with higher damage output due to the way his s-attack is calculated (based on targets’ accumulator) and has also more speed and 100% hitrate as compared to Brom’s 95% hitrate. However, Brom still possesses good base critrate, penetration as well as anti-crit that still makes him relevant today and has helped to shift his role as a support destroyer.

    With reshape giving ships more HP as well as higher anti-crits for current ships, it is hard for destroyers to perform their traditional role of OHKO (One-hit Knockout) even for Incendos against a well-equipped fleet. Brom hence still plays a viable role of not just being able to deal the decent eattack damage as a destroyer, but also the supportive role in a prolonged fight through his debuffs.

    In conclusion, if you can afford Incendos, by all means he is the preferred choice for a destroyer in current meta; Brom has gotten more affordable but can still play a vital role in your fleet should you have limited resources.

    What are your perspectives on Brom? Do you agree with what is written here? Wanna share in your opinion the best galactonite setup for Brom? Feel free to add your views, analysis and insights here!
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