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Thread: Contest: Commander Focus #1 - Brom Bones

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    I continue to use Brom on point when I have first shot, with Jackie as his lieutenant. He is great for softening up your opponent. When I don't get first shot, I adjust my formation accordingly. And now that Warden has been released, Brom has new vigor on point with the block and s-def buff. Brom needs defense and hit points, so maxing out with bosons really helps. Giant peak gala is gold for Brom, so is Magic Ray.

    Brom, Jackie, and Warden for the win. I clean up with Frost and Cabal (Elsa +4). Kit and acc'tan as lieutenant give my fleet +5% block. So Brom benefits here as well. Brom remains a very good destroyer, even if he isn't the number one damage dealer.

    Last but not least, video:
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