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Thread: Ultimate Defense- Thanthos

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    Ultimate Defense- Thanthos

    Hello all!
    Thanthos come again in the empire treasure...
    Step cost 120, and its 0,69%
    After click buy x10 will be return 200 credits, this will help more to save some credits...
    Full price 1 DNA 15 000 credits by click x10
    Or 17,5k by click buy x1 in empire treasure, good luck on getting him 12741938_1534576386872569_4883599764735822003_n.jpg
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    120 per click for x1, 100 per click for x10 (because you get 200 credits back /10 = 20 credits per click)
    According to your data 0.69% per click, thus 1/0.69%~=145 clicks.
    If x10 works for all of them, then it is 14500 credits per DNA maximum.
    If it does not then it is 14000 credits for 140 clicks and another 600 credits for the last 5, total: 14600 credits worst case for 1 DNA.
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    Thanks for contributing!
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