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Thread: GL Commanders HQ [CHQ] weekly sign-in #16

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    Oct 2015

    GL Commanders HQ [CHQ] weekly sign-in #16

    Hi All [CHQ] Members,
    Please post a quick reply on this thread and get points for our group.
    Keep active and we will be a winner again for this week.
    Hope everyone can get something good on current event. this is the last day please redeem all reward today or tomorrow
    Happy Gaming to All.

    [CHQ] Rules !!!

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    Oct 2015
    Great Day Everyone !!

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    Heyo... laggy update and messed up people in pandora.. tired from weekend
    Main: Sangfrod.s23 World 668 (IOS)
    + many other accounts
    Main Admin of CHQ

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    Yo everyone how's everything going?

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    Hello all...happy end of February to all..hope your valentine's day went well.

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    Hello everyone

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    Helllo new wek.check in ^^

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    hihi bad pandora(

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    Yay! I like this time cuz I'm able to make it!

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    Hi all all all

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