The players who gave the right answer may not in the list or cant get the prize because the game information you left is incorrect so please make sure you write the exact information next time.
【🎁MY 2nd GIFT FOR YOU】Winner = 222/10 + 104/5=43!

Abraham Steele.s450 World1353
Akairyuu.s570 World358 (IOS)
Alaska.s804 World482(IOS)
Anomalia.s489 World289(IOS)
BLOOD.s775 World733
BRITANIK.s541 World1444
Dechu6601.s104 World1007
Demo.s381 World381
dotsik.s391 World1294
Dread_Slayer.s931 World864
El Amsal Zern.s377 World177IOS
Fighter.s582 World370(IOS)
hell.s218 World212
himura.s531 World501
HULK.s51 World696(IOS)
jay dee 24.s321 World304
Kris.s3 World906
Lbbbbb.s843 World522(IOS)
Lenochka.s815 Wolrd494(IOS)
Luda.s764 World443(IOS)
MadToad.s338 World1241
myhay2269.s851 World530(IOS)
Polovilmurk.s615 World562
Prosper.s186 World1089
Puppeteer.s539 World1442
qw3r72.s724 World682
Rai.s370 Word170(IOS)
Robert333.s9 World912
Sangfrod.s23 World668(IOS)
Svetoslav.s462 World447
talal.s437 World237(IOS)
trx.s750 World706
xXABOXx.s616 World404(IOS)
Yuriko.s370 World170(IOS)
алекс23.s487 World1390
ццццц.s102 World72
★MESS★.s553 World523
알렉산더.s765 World719
Mono.s162 World1065
dakkon.s293 android
diskarma.s433 Android
yikut.s362 World2265
serg.s764 World722
Darkfire.s744 World702
MoviMaker.s189 World1092
Витус88.s508 Русский08
Sibiryak.s505 World1408
Zerg200.s213 World214
MIA.s5 World650(IOS)
vladmatei.s332 World1235
Олег.s376 World1279
SkilioN.s111 World1014
qr3.s370 World369
Алексей.s969 World902
kir.zo96.s17 World17
Solar Hare.s187 World1090
vetsel5.s523 World1426
EGOIST.s957 World890
Alfa.s145 World139
Лиандри.s883 World841
shepard.s458 World1361
LastTouch.s187 World1090
Missir.s161 World1064
mihmchs.s558 Русский08(IOS)
89205835331.s138 World138
evgen1979.s503 World1406
Корвин.s76 World721(IOS)
aaa.s421 World1324
Sm1z3r.s809 World759
methos.s501 Русский01
solomon kane.s533 World1436
gidrocop.s555 World1458
Zoopper.s437 World1340
MiSeRy.s553 World1456
хелбой.s81 World984
-argus-.s855 World534(IOS)
Spartacus.s885 World843
Alibaba.s194 World1097
Мел.s326 World1229
Combo.s5 World650(IOS)
Misantrop174 World302
russianbomb.s507 World1410
Поли25.s800 World758
Iexa.s230 World30(IOS)