The players who gave the right answer may not in the list or cant get the prize because the game information you left is incorrect so please make sure you write the exact information next time.
【🎁MY 1st GIFT FOR YOU】Winner List
=ERL=.s68 World971
007.s355 World1258
aannaanndd.s240 World1143
abdallah.s350 World1253
Abraham Steele.s450 World1353
Aces.s57 World702(IOS)
AerynSun.s111 World1014
Aleks.s845 World803
alexsander.s800 World752
ancient_thor.s131 World1034
andre.s92 World995
Arut.s152 World1055
Ashley.s620 World553
asifkhan.s537 World496
Avi.s292 World1195
Blackshadow.s503 World1406
bogdy.s591 World375(IOS)
Burnsy.s184 World1087
CallMEatgss.s959 World892
captain g.s526 World1429
Celeste.s177 World1080
Cheef.s654 Deutsch04(iOS)
Contra 24.s882 World840
CosminD.s543 World1446
cowmooflage.s167 World1070
Cruise.s369 World165(IOS)
Crusher.s889 World568(IOS)
Cybertron.s903 World582(IOS)
DannyPilipinas.s595 World381(IOS)
DarkCloud.s545 World1448
Davosmagic.s560 World521
Dechu6601.s104 World1007
demondoom.s372 World1275
Dessy.s101 World1004
deyka.s751 Franais01(IOS)
Diesel.s346 World1249
dotsik.s391 World1294
Dread_Slayer.s931 World864
Eliane.s855 World813
famaXfalisa.s207 World1110
Fashis.s240 World1143
Fighter.s582 World369(IOS)
Galeote.s395 World1298
Gary Devon.s277 en_1180
Genesis.s369 World1272
Guido.s68 World971
Gunta.s474 World1377
haiduk.s507 World1410
harkonnen.s255 World1158
Hero.s181 World1084
himura.s531 World496
Ian Hurd.s325 World1228
Interpraise.s465 World450
IOA.s207 World197
Ishzark.s452 World1355
jay dee 24.s321 World304
Jekas.s816 World495(IOS)
Jimbo.s196 World1099
Kael.s812 World491(IOS)
Kariq.s38 World941
kimmio.s152 World1055
king Kong.s257 World57(IOS)
kKrzys.s366 World1269
Kris.s3 World906
kyo.s628 World413(IOS)
LadyAmythyst.s559 World1462
Lenochka.s815 World494(IOS)
Line46.s54 World699(IOS)
Link.s232 World232
LucaF17.s450 World432
machmala.s557 World1460
MarfiuS.s375 World1278
maxamusviper.s167 World1070
miady.s255 World55(IOS)
mikaela.s658 Deutsch08(IOS)
MiM.s862 World541(IOS)
Mithras.s911 World590(IOS)
mkoll1985.s885 World564(IOS)
mm25.s864 World543(IOS)
Morrigan.s899 World578(IOS)
muerte.s61 World964
myhay2269.s851 World530(IOS)
net.s422 World1325
NSMX1.s91 World994
olimpi.s288 World273
OsRipper.s546 World1449
oğuzhan.s439 World1342
Polovilmurk.s615 World551
pomao.s754 World711
pramuka.s89 World992
pratyush.s365 World354
Prosper.s186 World1089
Puppeteer.s539 World1442
r2d2.s291 World291
rdc.s622 World410(IOS)
rodriguin.s100 World1003
Romania.s466 World1369
roy.s135 World1038
rujak.s539 World1442
Runneth.s92 World737(IOS)
Rush.s581 World551
Saferchris37.s670 World608
salcon.s510 World308(IOS)
Sanches7.s351 World350
Sasamso.s911 World590(IOS)
Scrappy.s952 World885
serg.s764 World719
Settek.s27 World24
Shade.s183 World1086
sivn.s788 World466(IOS)
SKIDIK.s786 World459(IOS)
solka.s70 World973
strannik.s22 World925
Svetoslav.s462 World432
Tarann.s536 World1439
trx.s750 World706
unstable.s58 World961
warcsis.s301 World292
way49.s567 World350(IOS)
xXABOXx.s616 World400(IOS)
Yhoe.s882 World561(IOS)
Yoo Sin.s770 World726
z3nithor.s789 World741
Адель.s821 World776
алекс23.s487 World1390
денис88.s139 World139
занос.s712 World662
сергей.s816 World495(IOS)
無題.s433 繁体中文07
다우니.s639 World588
최현준.s543 World343(IOS)
Maison.s932 World611(IOS))
HULK.s51 World696(IOS)
M4zot.s783 Word 741
monkey.s868 World814 Michal Cenkjakrentgenovsnmek Ciesarik
Rupam Smasher Biswas
Jacco Moens
Bryan Queyrichon
Sergiotonio Erazo
Rainielle Saylon
Keith Kelly
David J Capellan
Anastasiya.s526 World1429
Andrew13.s364 World1267
angel.s655 World604
art.s655 World604
Beatric.s156 World1059
dead.s128 World1031
dimon.s512 World1415
Harrier.s655 World604
Kapitoshka.s542 World1445
kok13z.s150 World1053
Lord_99.s30 World933
MakS.s657 World586
rnikog.s378 World369
serg.s764 World719
SkilioN.s111 World1014
snakehell.s218 World1121
Stydento4ka.s179 World1082
valerik.s822 World776
VdV24.s609 World556
Vladius.s624 World406(IOS)
vladmatei.s332 World1235
Xa0Z.s551 World1454
Алексей.s969 World902
ИМБО_92.s608 World553
к4ни.s810 World768
Осимуль.s938 World871
Фанат.s456 World1359