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Thread: [AoW] Faction :: Weekly Check In :: 10-16 Feb #15

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    [AoW] Faction :: Weekly Check In :: 10-16 Feb #15

    All AoW members must check in weekly here to be eligible for the activity reward.

    We've asked about Lt, we've asked about S-ATK shape.. This week, I ask "Should S-DEF be applied to Destroyer special attacks?"

    Currently, it is not...

    So cast your vote with your check-in post:
    Yes, add S-DEF to help reduce Destroyer damage
    No, keep S-DEF out of the Destroyer damage calculation
    time's up.

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    Checking in if I havent

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    No it should not be applied

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    mic check ... Check ... Check
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    Why not? Checking in

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    Check!! Good luck!

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    No, the value of destroyer will be significantly depreciated.

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    Blas here checking in

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    Kinda like it the way it is right now. Destroyers are strong enough no need to beef them up more. ����
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    I think s-def had to applied .
    After all is special atk with e atk effect

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