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Thread: Comander Line up

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    Comander Line up

    Hi All
    I am just a dedicated player and ocassional forum reader/contributor and I would need a piece of advice.
    I am a low spending player vip6 (month card and top10 arena) so credis I must save for some bigger investments.
    I use most of portal commanders and best so far was Cabal as my sniper.
    Before X-mas I get Incendos (saved credits) so thats an exception and he is really kicking butt ship.

    here is my current fleet:
    DA +5/ Acctan+4
    Cabal +4/ Elsa+4
    Incendos +2/ Jacky +1
    Queen +5/ Kit 0
    FS+1/ Violette +4

    - My questions:
    1) to you is who I should get as next from the available comanders?
    2) who should I replace it with?

    At this moment the comanders worth to consider are Armoray, Sirene, Cryptor, ...
    Pitty RetroBoot was just Xmas offer otherwise would be my favourite ..

    I could see my waknesses:
    Queen - still misses a lot and easily shot down
    Cabal - great sniper but with my positioning he was soot down before he managed to fire :-)
    Incendos - desperatelly need more Destroyer chips to get him to +5
    DA - well can whistand a shot/two tank with Acctan if lucky ..

    Thank you for your time and valuavle contributions :-)

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    Next I would consider one of the following, depending on how many credits you have saved: Sirenne, Aquos or Quasimodo.
    All 3 are very dodgy and also resist a lot, they are using Rover chips, so not interfering with any of your other commanders.
    Replace Queen with any of them and you will be content.
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    In your situation and with the few details I have I'd save for sirenne to replace your queen.

    Sirenne + cabal is also a good combo.

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    I am also inclining towards Sirene.
    What is your view of Cryptor, how he would work with my fleet?
    I so far invested tech points into speed as that is still deciding factor for many PvP and Pandora.

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    Choose wisely based on your opponents, as an example if they all have High blockers like Thantos or Cryptor, avoid Rovers (they lack penetration and every hit will be block countered) and go for Strykers.
    Anyway, based on your setup I would replace > with
    DA > Cryptor
    QEmma > Armoray
    Cabal > Aquos or Sirenne

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    Hi Frankie, just wondering how your setup for gala stones are and since you have quite a decent collections of ships, maybe it is worth saving those credits for better galactonite stones setup which together with equip and tech, forms the foundation of your ships. Since there will always be new commanders released, it is definitely worth building up on dual R6s, meteors etc as a well equipped ship trumps a poorly equipped good commander. And you can transfer these stones to any new commanders you would get in the future as well.

    But yes I would look to replace Queen with Sirenne preferrably. Cryptor is a nice to have and as you have seen from CCC, works quite well with Krill+7 to prolong his fights and ultimately change the tide of battle. I am not a big fan of strikers and have seen Amoray not even able to OHKO with his sattack on the first ship so I wouldn't recommend him.
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    I think your fleet consists of strong commanders already and is a balanced mixture of monomer and multi hitters.

    Sure there are probably better commanders but taking into account your budget I think the benefit from new commanders for 40k Credits or more each single commander is probably not the best investment.

    I would focus on key Dual Galactonites, TS-2 modules (if not yet completed) and Destroyer Chips when cheap. All those items are reusable with future commanders and often give more punch than a new commander.

    Dual Galactonites are best purchased in mining events (around 30k if you perform all tasks). This is a lot of Credits but you get the ones you really need and not some random types. If you can agree with your server mates you don't have to race each other and you can get a regular R-6 on top. Look out for those "spend-20-k-Credits-and-get-3M-Tech-Points-Gala-Energy-and-Power-Cores-events" that were held during the two most recent Mining Events in parallel.

    Key Duals for your fleet are imho:
    Incendos: Magic Ray, Wind Trail
    Dark Asgard: Giant Peak (==> reusable on Cryptor if you go for him)
    Queen Emma: Magic Ray (==> highly reusable on all commanders)
    Cabal: Magic Ray

    TS-2 modules were offered in Black Market during their introduction. I don't know if this will happen again. Because it allowed to purchase exactly those needed. In your case: TS-22 (Striker) and TS-24 (Destroyer), TS-21 (Ranger) and TS-23 (Protector). The first three I would use to improve hit rate, the TS-23 for increased block rate.

    - This was written in parallel with Thatzme's post. Similar content independently written.
    - This was post #200! :-)
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    Thank you guys for great inputs. Just firstly to tell you more about my fleet so you get better picture. I should to that before. I appologize ..

    The force just reached 160M (maxed tech speed, and 50% in attack/s-attack). I have all guns (E/S/A attack 100 bozzon inc.FS). Two ships have also 100bozzon on Defense/HP (DA, Ince). Remaining two are 50% there. The S-defense and FS other equipment is like 10-20%.

    I have full TS-2 set. Used the chance and invested credits on Black Market when there were 50% off. Very good investment.

    Galas I have just 4x R6 dual. (Pen/Critical, Dodge/AntiCrit, Atk/Hit, Crit/Crit atk). I have 2xR6 block, 2x R6 penetration, 2xR6 crit, 1xR6 hit rate, and 1xR6 Meteor (last event, for free from t4f, ;-) zero credits spent.. extremely lucky after long time I deserved some ) several r6 attack, s-attack, e-attack. Ramaining stones are r5 (hit, crit, crit attack, dodge, block,) few r5 duals, 2x r5 dual with Acummulator

    R6 meteor is fantastic, I can shoot first and take down guys with 180M force. Generally my game play was dodgy/block hide and seek game. Now I should profit from first shot that’s why I try to max Incendos.

    Our server 1117 is quite good one, ASR1927 have seen us in action but very good friends and reasonable persons. We share Arena top1, so roughly each 8 weeks I get 5k reward. So I don’t really need to fight them. I do it more for Pandora fun there you never know who you meet. CCC competition is out of my reach, mostly I do badly 1 or 2 rounds max.

    Now I managed to save almost 60k.
    - I will need huge amount of gala energy to max even the single R6 stones, them so the Nachteules advice to spend them on Event/Mining event sounds very attractive to get some Gala energy, tech points is very, very interesting
    - Thatzme, normally each fight/battle last short for me and Krill will be also costly to get to +7 .
    - I have not seen many Armoray in action, just CCC but as Qix mentioned most of people are going for dodgy fleets RetroBoot, Sirenne, Aquos,.. it would be nice to have some counter recipe and Armoray could do just the job ..
    - Anakin, Bogdan – Sirenne, I like the vertical attack with blast/deathcode option. Indeed Cabal could clen up the rest …
    - So it will be dilemma wait for r6 dual event or Sirenne ev. Armoray .. 

    PS: GZ Nachteule 200 posts
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    With your duals setup at the moment, Sirenne should be the best option. After that work towards a giant peak (block/anti-crit) or light streak (block/dodge). Once you have those as well you can consider Cryptor to replace Cabal. Then you can follow with another giant peak and Thantos instead of DA.

    Basically the first thing and with most impact would be Queen -> Sirenne.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frankie View Post
    Our server 1117 is quite good one, ASR1927 have seen us in action but very good friends and reasonable persons. We share Arena top1, so roughly each 8 weeks I get 5k reward. So I don’t really need to fight them. I do it more for Pandora fun there you never know who you meet. CCC competition is out of my reach, mostly I do badly 1 or 2 rounds max.
    Please don't remind me! Two weeks later and I still have a headache from it You guys are very good. I wish my server could cooperate like that.

    Congrats on meteor. Can't understand how people get them? Me I only get R4 or maybe some R5 from buying in the event.

    Anyway you got all the good advice you need. I also think that you should replace QE. To think about if you go for a Rover is of course the poor penetration as Qix pointed out. There are many DA, Brom and Thantos out there who eat Rovers for breakfast. Also you will need a lot of chips. If you go with a Rover you will want to make Violette +4 lt for the extra speed. Then Zaffrey as lt for the Rover also at +4. Me I have this and it left Rover chips enough to make my Aquos only +4.

    Then the question Aquos or Sirenne. I have Aquos and since he can copy the special of all from flagship to Katya Storm with Aquos you get to try different specials which is quite fun. Last Pandora he did copy Cryptor, Sirenne, Retrobot, Quasimodo and Incondos to mention some. When that Sirenne death code activates it's really deadly. I don't think the death code can be blocked or dodged either?

    Anyway sometimes I feel that Aquos is the best commander I bought and sometimes the worst. He is to unpredictable and when he copy flagship it's painful for me. Also when he copy special he don't copy base stats of the commander, only the special. He can copy Retrobots special and freeze and deplete accu but he don't get that super high dodge. Also when he copy a destroyer he don't become a destroyer, meaning he don't ignore def like destroyers do. You get a fancy Incendos looking special but with much less damage.

    If I was to choose today between Aquos and Sirenne I would go for Sirenne. Aquos is just to unpredictable.

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