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Thread: Illogical options for colonization in colonial interface

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    Illogical options for colonization in colonial interface

    Please check first attached screenshot.
    For months, i have the same lvl 44 opponent shown as option for colonization attempts in colonial interface.
    The level gap does not allow me to fight him and to free that spot.
    Months ago, that issue has been reported by me to the support. The screenshot attached here is taken today.
    Needless to say that the 44 lvl guy is a zombie account, and i will never have the option to fight him again.

    I think that a simple filter for zombie state and on level gap could solve it, and i hope that development team will consider to add that filter to the interface
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    Fully support such a feature Pliusomiot. A select-able filter like "Show alliance messages" would be nice to show or not show other players we can't attack or zombie state for those would still like to see them.
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