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Thread: [AoW] Faction :: Weekly Check In :: 28 Jan - 3 Feb #13

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    Upon main commander death debuff all enemy ships to not be able to dodge or block attacks for 2 rounds.
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    Checkin in for the week hoping for some credits. Lol

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    Credits credits credits!!!

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    Get a brain, new skill! Check!

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    checked in

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    New Lieutenant skill should be one that shuts down other lieutenant skills so if you get first shot with that... woohoo!
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    Debuff liu skill

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    Let's turn things around if my fleet shoots second this Lt. will give my fleet a random level 2 coat effect for 1 round. 2 random level 1 effected on fleet in round 2. That will make it more interesting to shoot first or not ;-)

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    Credit payback Lt depending on the main ships' total damage made in that round XD

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    Checking in

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