Thanks to Gal's dearest brothers and sisters, now Gal can tell Retrobot about the most beautiful female commander in Galaxy Legend is Violettewith perfect body and gorgeous skills that as main commander, Violette can deal 120% S-ATK damage freezing the target and lower enemy’s DEF by 50% for 1 round in battle fields, while as lieutenant, she can be the speedy sweety of the whole team especially between top players competition.

By the way, Gal also need to let Retrobot to know all ladies in Galaxy Legend are beautiful with their unique basic attributions and special skills, no one can be replaced!

Thanks to all participators for your valuable opinions! This is the list of the 12 Lucky star with the most interesting opinions. Congratulation! Each of you can get Gal's Brainstorming Pack *1
Galxy Addtome
Takeshi Van
Samyshkin Alexander
Nova War
James G Vine

Gal's Brainstorming Pack:

300x Credits
10000x Tech Points
1000000x Cubits