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Thread: Activity check #10 the asylum for best warriors advice 01/17/2016

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    Checking in ....
    Weapons standing by ....
    Target lockt....
    Fire .....
    Target destroyed....

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    I am on a diet; suddenly the game keeps me alive

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    Evening all.

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    Colonel Sander Prenga's Avatar
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    Aug 2015
    Hi to all...

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    Im late today hehe but Im here good luck everyone

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    Hi to you all nr 13 for me this week

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    Hi guys, How is everyone?

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    I'm pretty disgusted with GL from the server merge my main account. They not merged servers that have a level of equipment and balanced ships. It is that the only way to return to being one of the top 10 I'll have to re-purchase loans because it is the only way to evolve in this game. Please give me some good advice to keep playing because I'm demoralized much.
    Best regards, Meredoth.s693 World 650 (Android)

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    Всем привет! А у нас скучная пандора. Если нужен номер, то.... № 84 ))

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