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Thread: The Most Beautiful Female Commander

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    in my eyes dark zooey is the most beautiful commander

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    I believe that Silest the most beautiful and charming girl , in her younger years , she looks just amazing , she's young , beautiful and ambitious , just the perfect girl who has all chances to defeat their rivals in assuring competition.
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    For me queen emma. Shes like a goddess of beauty and strength.
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    for me it is lilly she looks so friendly but she is deadly
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    Definetly Definetly Mileena she is Natural from top to bottom! Absolutly most beautiful commander. Would love to see her art work in full size some day. She is the main gun, with a second role, but you know what they say, behind every powerful man there is a even more powerful woman. She is the core, the shiled and the guns of the main ship. Without her in your set... you are for nowhere!!! And her look, looks so drifty like a dreamer like she aims for the stars, its the only comander that avoids stareing in your soul but in a mistirius and charmig way.

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    i was intially going with exotic like khala buuut then who can resist a lip-studded, non-marrying, adventurous fine nobility like Violette

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    22 best real oriental angel
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    Versatile Violette

    My favourite has to be versatile Violette she's pretty got an awsome figure & kissable lips she packs quite a punch she's fast and her satk freeze is awsome or as a lieutenantshe is in a league of her own helping the speed of your fleet at +4 and increasing hit rate of all your fleet she's absolutely beautiful is Versatile Violette

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    The most beautiful commander is Violette, because the name of my girlfriend is Violette. Also she is fit and very beautiful like her. )

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    Violette copy.jpg Violette is the most beautiful commander as she is just pixelated perfection. As a main commander in PVP or Primus Violette can make the difference when it comes to stopping that components first shot to putting the freeze on Primus.
    In a game where speed is a vital component to a victory her lieutenant skill when augmented to +4 can give your rovers that needed edge to crush your enemies.
    Violette not only looks beautiful but preforms beautifully too which makes her my number one choice.
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