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Thread: The Most Beautiful Female Commander

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    I guess the best choice will be opal. Shy and cute . And make every one miss her. Kit is cute girl but opal is on diff level. And also i used opal to about level 90, helped me alot. She has a great dodge sapport of all the comrades in her fleet. And i realy liked that. So in my opinion she is the best i have.

    Dread_Slayer.s931 world 864

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    По мне самая красивая Тёмная Зоуи )) в этом сером цвете она великолепна : формы + симпатичной лицо + очень сильный командир. Властная и красивая вобщем

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    I would say Zooey.
    богдан.s387/World 187/iOS

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    The flagship is the epitome of beauty and femininity.
    VovanV.s340 world 328
    the Android version

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    Opal is nice looking....she is the best in my opinion.

    Daniel Mythos.S127 World 127 Android

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    it is opal.gorgeous innocent look., NSMX1.s91 world 994 android

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    Ma6MWg7WXYE.jpg Queen Emma, a very good commander. Cool horizontal kick.
    Xa0z World1442 Androd

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    Phoebe is a Beautiful brunette.
    Just love here as Power Ranger
    Endorian.s504 | world1407 | Android

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    The most beautiful female commander

    My Top 5 ....

    #5 Celeste... so celestial !

    #4 Queen Emma ... Long live the Queen !

    #3 Valerie .. the flowing Red Hair is AWESOME ! It was close between Val and Violette...

    #2 Zooey ... blonds have more fun ? I bet she does !

    #1 Shamen Queen ... Strong and Sexy. And 5-2 would be the Queens Court

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    All the ladies r really great, wonderful & strong commanders but my favorite lady commander is still my main Hero/Flag Ship my first love �� hot looking, sexy, brave, powerful & very loyal she would never let u down even I face/fight vs stronger opponents she always stays by my side,fights at last ship standing �� she 's my love my key to victory!!! Why? Bc of our best fight, 2gether we defeated vs Brom&Incendos + Lt. Jacky n kidnapped the top spot Home ☺️Nearby she looks really really hot in her new battle suit after +6 or higher ����
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