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Thread: The Most Beautiful Female Commander

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    Definitely Violette. @gadichoi already mentioned the reason: her lips and boobs... completely agree with that

    Daywalker.s749, World 707 Android

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    Violeta is a very beautiful name, apart that is a very beautiful Commander and has a killer when it comes to working with your fleet performance, her red hair indicates his life force.
    Lideratus.S544 World1447 Android

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    Oct 2015
    Mi dispiace non posso scegliere sono entrambe bellissime *.*
    Hero25.s561 World531 Android


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    Мне больше всех нравится ФЛАГМАН!!! Взгляд и волосы 😍😍😍 5/5 отценка

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    Мне больше всех нравится ФЛАГМАН !!! Взгляд и волосы 😍 👍
    ezik.s21 World 924 android

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    GL girls

    Most beautiful female commander is Violette shes so cute, sexy and she poured Chloe Moretz! Shes best!
    J.J.Abrams.s642 world430 (iOS)

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    Opal wins she is like miss universe
    r2t2.s291, world291,android

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    The most beautiful is Zooey, that blonde hair and seductive eyes you can't beat that 😁
    Burnsy.s184, World 1087 Android

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    Land of Ice and Snow

    Hickory dickory dock,
    Elsa is hottest on these blocks.
    She slashes straight,
    leave enemies irate,
    they become frozen ice blocks.

    ben42.s814 world 772 (android)
    ben42.s814 world 772 (Android)

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    Queen's Curse,
    Chances no more,
    Death on strike
    Flaming eyes
    After bite
    Love or die

    Sometimes i think how it could be nice if Queen Emma and I meet in life... Without spaceships, without danger, without stars... I think I could tell her about myself and how I can be funny sometimes)) then we could taste the chocolate ice cream... Yeah! it's very hard to find ice cream on the game GL...))) then we could sit at the highest rock and watching sunset or sunrise... that could be very nice...

    Queen Emma the most beautiful and interesting character on my mind, even if she doesn't have an imbalance ability.

    Zeenne.s278, World1181 Android

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