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Thread: The Most Beautiful Female Commander

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    For me I'd go with FS. Hell hath no fury like hers
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    Всем привет! Я думаю что это Вайолет. Она хороша как командир и как лейтенант!!!
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    the reason...she was the first girl into my pack when the game started and everyone always remembers your first time to dance with a lady

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    Violette is the most beautiful commander, she has a heart cold as ice and can freeze a mans heart. If i would meet her, i would heat her up so she replace her freeze S-atk with a new Burn S-atk
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    Isolde and Opal. They are not only beautiful, but also really helped me in battles. There is a russian proverb: "An old friend is better than two new ones"))

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    got to be Celeste, a lovely girl with a Fury Storm ... S atk that increases ALL friendly Ships Hit Rate and Critical ATK by 100% nowadays that we have commanders with high dodge rate like Retrobot and Sirenne its super helpfull...

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    For me...definitely Celeste. She has a look in which you can fall in love, great brown hair and with these two barrettes she looks so cute. Further she looks honest, loyal and the expression in her face makes me feel she can make somebody smile. That she is a very powerfull commander is out of question.

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    Violette, "the blossoming ice rose", is the most beautiful female commander.
    Young (compared to Isolda or Elsa) and natural beauty (not cloned one like Milena), romantic, noble, still single, indifferent to jewels and fashion clothing.. the perfect woman in the entire galaxy

    On top of all, she is great fighter and a resourceful lieutenant, able to team up with anyone;
    She has a great heart - when she is asked to help others as lieutenant, she helps the entire team rather than focusing her attention on a single commander. All combatant commanders turns out to be great marksman when she is looking at them;
    rovers in the imperial fleet, charmed by her, literally got wings and fly faster than ever;
    Even the mighty, human-hating and insensitive to regular charms Primus is usually stuned for few moments when he see her beauty
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    i like Zooey for hair and her amazing eyes and smile

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    Hot brunette with a blue eyes!
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