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Thread: [AoW] Faction :: Check In :: 8-14 Jan #10

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    Checkin in for the week.

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    Checking in for the week

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    My favorite commander does not have an evil dad. He's also an insect, which Luke is not.

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    Checking in

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    can someone post the group link im a very active player....

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    Bin auch dabei
    Name : Thors_hammer.s789
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    Quick check in

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    My commander can lock target! Like a sith ability! Luke is all about the save you....poor jedi!

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    checking in!

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    Quote Originally Posted by z3nithor View Post
    All AoW members must check in weekly here. Since our stories tend to go nowhere fast, let's mix it up:

    In what way is your favorite commander better than Luke Skywalker?
    You seem to be a software engineer.. use KIS principle for checking in ))

    Sorry for double checking in ))

    Do i have to imprint my footsteps here if i post anywhere else on this forum??
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