Pietros guide-Destroyers Damage

Hello, Commanders.

My name is Anakin Skywalk.s614 and I'm one of the Commanders from World 561. I'll write down some of what I've learned in my travels across the Galaxy.

For this second guide I'd like to talk about Destroyer damage. Some new and old players don't really understand how the damage dealt by a Destroyer class ship is calculated. In this guide I'll use a little math to show some damage calculations. I wont cover some modifiers as critical attack, block and the off set damage, as the guide would be very big. Jane will cover these subjects in a future guide.
Except for the Destroyer class, all classes use the atk attribute to inflict damage, both during normal attacks and special attacks. The basic formula is that damage from an attack is reduced by the targets defense. For example, a normal attacks damage is calculated as the attackers atk subtract the targets def. A special attacks damage is calculated as the attackers atk and satk added together, subtract the defenders def and sdef, both. But destroyers use a different source of power to inflict damage, so they use the e-atk instead of atk.
The big difference between atk and e-atk is the kind of defense an enemy can use. We can improve the def stat in many ways, such as equipment, galactonite, the tech center and even paint coats. But e-atk can only be defended by e-def, and that can only be improved in the tech lab.
That, too, is the reason that e-atk is not very high, when compared with the atk attribute of the other classes. In this explanation I'm not considering specials that can give extra defense, such as Khala's special (that gives her 100k e-def), or Vladimir's special (that can give two random allies 80k e-def), etc.
So, for a normal attack Destroyer damage is calculated as:
<e-atk> - <e-def> = damage dealt

To use some numbers at the formula I'll use my Brom's power to exemplify:
e-atk = 375170
e-def = 4428

(375170 - 4428) = 370742
//The result isnt 100% accurate, but it is very close. Jane will create a guide about what he calls off set, that is the extra damage not included in this formula//

The big jump in Destroyer damage comes from their special attack, and this will probably be new to a lot of players. I said in the beginning of the guide that the attack is reduced by the targets defense and a special attack (s-atk) is defended by s-def, but as the Destroyer special uses a mix of e-atk and s-atk, both def and s-def are nullified. That's why the Destroyer class special attacks are so powerful and dangerous.

For a Destroyer class special attack, damage is calculated as:
(<e-atk> + <s-atk> - <e-def>) x special modifier x overcharged accumulator = damage dealt

Hope you all remember about the overcharged accumulator, that I explained in my first guide.
I'll use my Brom's power, again, to exemplify with numbers:
e-atk = 375170
s-atk = 603317
e-def = 4428
special modifier = 80% (0.8 in the formula), as Brom does 80% satk damage in his cross attack, according to his description
accumulator = 125% (1.25 in the formula)

(375170 + 603317 - 4428) x 0.8 x 1.25 = 974059
//The result isnt 100% accurate, but it is very close. Jane will create a guide about what he calls off set, that is the extra damage not included in this formula//

The special modifier in the formula varies according to the Destroyer used. In the example I used 80%, as Brom's special causes 80% damage, according to the description. If I had used Lily, the special modifier would be 90%; Richter, 66%; Du'doria, 150%, etc.
As Destroyers are so powerful, some big and small changes were made in the game to address this issue. The reshape function is one of them, as we can get a lot of extra HP, to prevent an enemy destroyer from killing one or more of our commanders with a single special attack. Another example of change that some people may not have noticed yet, is that after level 90 HP grows considerably more than e-atk and s-atk combined does.
Additionally, consider the H-Dimension Tech Lab: 1 level of H-Dimension Hull gives +3k HP, while 1 level of H-Dimension AP gives +864 s-atk and 1 level of H-Dimension Output gives +864 e-atk. Effectively, 1 level of H-Dimension Hull is equivalent to about 3.47 levels of the H-Dimension AP or H-Dimension Output, not considering the special modifier or the overcharged accumulator. If we do consider only the special modifier value of 80% from Brom, we would need 4.34 levels of H-Dimension AP or H-Dimension Output to cause the same damage reduced by 1 level of the H-Dimension Hull.
So, lately we are getting a lot of extra HP to try to survive a powerful special from an enemy destroyer, but the mission is still very hard.

Hope you liked this guide. Please comment if you didn't understand something or if you want to add any information. The best knowledge is the one constructed with all of the community.