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Thread: Pandora Space. Some basic tactics, tips and tricks

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    Pandora Space. Some basic tactics, tips and tricks

    Hi again. Since our board of Galactic Chairmen is kept busy with digging for some high end tips, I'll try to get it from the very bottom. Maybe we will meet each other in the middle

    The basic description of Pandora Space is available in a different topic here, so I'll skip that part.

    This mini guide is more useful for new and not so old servers, with many active players, with all 3 sides of almost same value.
    I'm aware that on old servers, with lazy or non combative opponents this guide is not applicable. As one may already guess so far, I'm mostly focused on giving tools, advices and tips to new players

    Pandora Space is a rather strategic game, that demands from the participating players to show their best abilities to cooperate.
    Except some really unlucky cases, when your opponents are heavy spenders, or when your opponents are really outforcing you, the Pandora Space can be negotiated between any of 3 opposite sides (providing they are in same force range) with same success chances.

    In order to get most benefits from Pandora game, your server need to be an active one and to be present in Pandora. Also, the players need to collaborate if they want to get most out of Pandora. They have to be able to sacrifice themselves for the good of the team.

    Second prerequisite - there should be a server leader (or a group of leaders in worst case) who will direct the rest.
    Also players have to use their best judgement when they decide to attack a node, or when they decide to use speed boosting fuel.

    So.. the key to success in Pandora Space is to be active and to act smart. Well, at least to act smarter than your enemy

    On the attached map, one can spot 3 nodes that will boost your stats by 5%, another 3 with 2% boost, 3 nodes with boost on moving speed (15%) and 3 docks. And, of course, the Ruling Star.

    In order to have best chances, even when facing an enemy that has stronger players than your server (I'm talking here about a reasonable difference in force, up to 25-30%) a server need to control all those +5% nodes and (in some difficult cases) also +2% nodes.

    Therefore, once in a while, one player at a time need to trigger on his free fuel and teleport around. Use teleport to gain control over all force boosting nodes that are free, then get control over ones you can overpower and, as the last effort, try to seize control over nodes that are hold on by enemies who normally will overpower you. If you did get those +5% and +2% nodes so far, there is a big chance that you will win those ones too.

    If a player consider those teleports to be too costly (at 10-20 credits per jump) ... well, his place is definitely not in Pandora Space leaderboard )))
    A successful Pandora means also at least 300-400 credits spent on each day during 3 days of the event.
    Also, some paintcoatings are required when facing stronger opponents

    It is not enough to jump around. Use your free fuel wisely. Make your jumps to be useful for the server. Check the map beforehand. During off-quest time, the travel speed between nodes is low enough. Check the nodes already under your faction control. Check the inflow of enemy squads.
    If there is also a top player ready to use the fuel, who could gain control over RS but the intermediate nodes are occupied by low-level opponents, it makes sence to sacrifice one low level player from your server, who will just clear the path to RS for the top guy. The top guy will be of much more use on RS if he has 80-100% health AND if the 2-5% nodes are under your control.

    During the quest time, do your best to fill in the quest requirements. And do it during first part of high speed time. Usually, one can get an extra free fuel by killing 15-20 opponents. That fuel will be really useful in second daily quest time.

    Use teleport to get those kills. Sometimes resurrection for 150 credits is also a solution. You need to be alive and in full force 20-30 sec before fast phase ends up. Now, it is obvious... jump, get control over nodes and over RS. At this point first fast-speed part is over. If everything was done correctly, you have an extra fuel, some cubits and maybe some extra goodies (military supplies, vein explorers, etc)
    Take a break. The second fast speed phase will stat shortly. Continue to teleport, get some kills, be killed if needed but check the timings - do whatever it takes to be alive by the end of the speed phase. Again, get control over key nodes and RS. Overall, just by using free fuel, teleport, controlling key nodes and RS one can get a decent kill board and to fill in the quest requirements.

    There is one daily quest that is somehow tricky - to get 2-3-1 extra chips by holding RS during speed time. It is not specified clearly in Pandora Cluster rules, but in order to get them you have to be on the ruling star when the corresponding quest time ends up (the rules states that you need to hold the RS. In my poor english that means that RS has to be green. I've missed some chips before i figured it out that it is all about presence on RS at the end of quest time. Just having control will not fit the bill).
    The speed phase ends up some 5 min before this quest time runs out. Well.. now will be a good time to use that extra fuel. Wait until there is 4 min of quest time left, activate it, make a run around key nodes and jump on RS just seconds before quest time is up (Headquarters are firing missiles in this time if manned, so clear them out first. Jumping on RS in last seconds will rise up the chances for you to survive those missiles). Voila.. quest chips are in your hand now

    Overall, you need to agree with your colleagues who will use fuel and when. Send out weak ones first. Their role is to clear the path and to get those power ups for top players.
    Tops have to take care of powerful enemies, aided by all those +2+5% and the boost from docks.

    Remember that even the most powerful foe can be routed out by sacrifice of 2-10 players. Don't be afraid to be killed. And don't get frustrated by being killed over and over again. In my first Pandora I've scored 60 only by being killed. Now, usually I'm the pandora executive or the next in line

    A non vip player (or low-level vip), if he plays the game at his best, can be in top 10-15 in killboard (at least my LittleBoy gets his share of 9-10 chips from killboard all the time )

    A free tip for new players: pandora fuel can be bought for 100 cubits in the shop once per day. Since Pandora starts at 02:00 server time and ends up also at 02:00, but shop counters are reset at 00:00, this fuel can be bought 4 times during a 72 hours pandora )))

    Top players can benefit from short travel times between docks and nearby A nodes. 7-8 min travel time, score some kills and get back to docks for healing.
    Those A nodes are also strategic ones - direct route to RS from bases. Obviously, if there are enough top players on your server who play Pandora, it is possible to lock down the access to RS by working in shifts on those 3 docks and corresponding A nodes.

    A second well developed account is of great use in Pandora, if you're a top player on your server. Check also for Ender's post on this forum for more details on that topic
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