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Thread: Pandora Space. Some basic tactics, tips and tricks

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    <thumbs up> both of you
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    Thank you, mate!

    But the major credentials go to Pliusomiot, who I want to thank, too, for his constant high quality contribution to this forum! :-)
    Guys, I'm blushing
    I'm really happy that my notes, originally written with the intention to answer questions asked by my teammates, are considered to be of some value for the community. Thank you for encouraging me ;-)

    As for Pandora tactics - a few more tips.
    Almost every player (well, at least every cash player) gets from time to time some lvl 2 paintocatings. Don't rush to use them in less important events (CtC or even for Arena - you will get only few thousand credits in best case)
    Try to collect a full set of lvl 2 coats and keep them for a while, especially if you're a top player on your server. Even better situation - all top players have a full set of lvl 2 coats in their stash.
    Do not use any coatings in first moments of Pandora. First, check your opponents. If you're able to deal with most of them using only lvl 1 paintocatings, then use those. However, sometimes you will stumble upon opponents that are hard to be killed without some extra help. In this case, form a team of 1-2 strikers who will use those lvl 2 coatings they have. This mini strike force will have, as their first priority, the task to neutralize the tough opponents.
    As i mentioned before, it could be a good idea to leave the control of RS for chips quest to your opponents on 3rd day. Therefore your server have to ensure that there are at least 1-2 active players who will be able to deal with strong opponents only in first two days of the event.

    A side note here: arena top1 weekly reward has to go to one of those strikers, since they need to compensate the extra credits spent on resurrection and teleport.

    Another tip on Pandora: to get daily 4 chips from RS a server does not need to have control over RS all 24 hours. Actually, it is enough to ensure control over RS for about 20 hours in order to get the chips.
    Once your server got 4 chip revard from RS for the second time, leave the RS to opposing parties to get their share of fun, but keep control over docks and other key nodes )
    Return back to the Ruling Star only to get the executive tribute )))

    And another note on Docks: it is not uncommon to have one tough player from opposing servers stationed at the docks for long periods. Let him be. But, about one hour before second daily quest, arrange with your server teammates to do a massive suicidal attack on that dock at the same time.
    By doing it properly, at the beginning of quest time you and your mates will be already ressurected, the docks will be under your control and the tough guy will be at his base. Now, with the 100% attack boost given by the docks, the tough guys will be you and not them

    And a last note:
    Maybe one day tap4fun will provide a timer to help players to keep track of RS holding time. At least i hope so.
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