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Thread: What stats to improve with TS module?

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    Lightbulb What stats to improve with TS module?

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    What are you asking for help with? Which attributes are best to choose?
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    from where do you have taht players?

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    You get those items called TS-xy Modules from various events. Mostly you get the TS-x Module Chips of which you compose the modules.

    You may start here for more details:
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    No sure what form of help u r asking for, but judging by ur enhancement levels you should have grasped how these modules work. Maybe u r asking for advice on which secondary stats to choose?

    Congrats on getting the Destroyer TS-34 Module - I would normally advice Hitrate to ensure your Destroyer never misses and depending on your gala stone setups to choose between crit or crit attack.
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