Jane's guide- increase the success chance when purchasing commanders.

There are a lot of rumors how to influence success rates when purchasing commanders and chips. My personal believe is that it's truly random and nothing will increase or decrease you success rate but let me share some of the most common theories which some players believe will influence success rates:

1. Avoiding purchase trap: Game is programmed to make you purchase credits
This theory assumes that the game is rigged to drag your money out of your pockets. Hence if you have 20.000 credits and auto success is 21.000 credits it will reduce your probability of success and force you to go all the way.

Solution: only invest if you have enough credits to get the chip at 100%. Or when you have very little credits to just try a few times.

2. It's all about the timer: At certain times of the day the success rates are higher

Solution: monitor the world chat for success and write down the time when there are a lot of successes in a row. Especially if it's one player. Try to use empires treasure during those times.

3. The 8/12 quick tries approach: some people believe that the best way to win the DNA/chip lottery is to quickly press 8 or 12 times the 1x purchase button and then wait, leave the empire's treasure and then get back in there and try 8/12 times again. If you don't get a commander / chips at 25% it means that you will probably have to go all the way to 100%

Hope this helps. And if you have more special methods to win DNA/chips please feel free to message me / reply to this topic and u will add them to the collection.