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Thread: Show Us Your Cool Video

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    Hello everyone!
    This is 1 of the fight from last night: the prize 5 k credits from Arena. Here you can see Cabal in action vs 3 ships, my Cabal with his briliant skill transform a possible lost battle into a victory, hope you will enjoy it. With the help of Cabal i got the 5k credits from Arena, him saves me many times in arena.
    Sorry for the quality of the video but i'm an IOS user so i dont have any Mac or Linux to record videos from my Iphone.
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    It is video which I recorded passing of Chaotic space. In it I showed, in what way it is possible to pass space. I consider this video the best because it is the best option of passing (for me).


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    Это видео я сделал для группы альянса по прохождению Хаотичного космоса


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    Данный обзор я собрал из разных видео товарищей по группе,поэтому качество картинки разное и обработал его в своём стиле.Обзор на лейтенантов Зарбона и Эльза


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    This is my favorite video for now, not only because there are some interesting effects.. But also I just love this powerful combo - Thantos + Cryptor. I like how they are protecting each other with these shields! I guess these guys can win many battles together!

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    Here is my entry for the cool video competition.

    It's from CQ where I face the final opponent with my lvl 99 fleet. And of course the opponent is level 100 with upgraded equipment. After 50 tries, I ended in my original formation to try the battle again to see if I would get lucky with criticals. And sure enough, I won the battle. Not with criticals, though. The way the battle went is way, way cooler. Annica and Zaffrey saved the day...again.

    - Twuuna.s388 world 188 iOS

    ps. youtube is currently rotating the video, it'll be landscape soon!

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    primer video .- resaltando la efectiva evasion de retrobot..

    segundo video .- demostrando la gran ayuda de los tenientes


    first video .- highlighting the effective evasion of retrobot ..

    second video .- showing the great help of the lieutenants

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    Wow that's nice! I didn't get Retrobot and now blaming myself a lot

    His appearance in game really changed many things in Arena and Pandora! I guess we will see him a lot next CCC

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    Since I bought Cryptor I was pretty happy, and now I made this video with his ability on PvP and Primus Invasion. His shield is amazing because is like a protector but if my enemies has Kit +4 not can block him. One day I was asking, if I block a lot of time and charge my special fast, other ship will get the other shield? And Boom im Lvl 97 and this is my video, fighting with a lot of lvl 100…. Enjoy and I hope you can post you like here.

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