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Thread: Show Us Your Cool Video

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    giftbox Show Us Your Cool Video

    1. Event details: in the near future participants can send us the video which they are most satisfied with to the Official Forum (in the reply section below this post), to be enjoyed and appraised by others. The video could be of a losing battle being turned into victory, or it could be you having obliterated the enemy, or it could be a laughable battle sequence, or maybe a display of brilliant skill. So, send a recent video which you are pleased with to the Official Forum with an explanatory note (which are the important parts), and we will put participants names onto a list and enter them into a voting post.

    2. Reward: the player with the most amount of votes will get the ""Cool Video Reward"". Players with the 2nd and 3rd highest amount of votes will get a ""Glorious Reward"". The player with the least amount of votes will get the ""Tragic Reward"". 5 participants will be chosen at random and will receive an ""Appreciation Reward"".

    3. Cool Video Reward: 4888 Credits
    Glorious Reward: 2888 Credits
    Tragic Reward: 88 Credits
    Appreciation Reward: 888 Credits

    4. Event Time: UTC 05/01/2016 00:00—12/01/2016 23:59

    5. Vote time: UTC 13/1/2016 00:00--16/1/2016 23:59

    6. Note: A. The video must be an original. B. Single IP multi votes, cheating and other illegal activities will not be allowed. C. The video must be relevant to the game, cannot upload one which does not conform to the rules and regulations of the Forum. If the above rules are violated then the player will forfeit participation and be muted for a week.

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    During the last CCC event, my friend was in vacation so he asked me to run his account for the competition. This is his top16 battle and the story behind the battles strategy.

    From watching the top32 battles, I noticed two interesting things:
    1) the enemy has a tendency to keep his Cryptor on the middle row
    2) he has the last position open.
    Since Cryptor was the commander I was fearing the most in my enemy's formation because of it's capacity to keep the whole fleet alive, I derived a strategy of trying to kill Cryptor with either Dark Zoeey or Dark Vela'rath in the first shoots.

    This video shows two sides of a coin.
    In the first battle my strategy failed miserably, his Cryptor being well protected behind Sirenne. This resulted in what I think it was the closest win during the entire top32.
    In contrast, the second time I guessed correctly where to place Dark Zoeey resulting in total obliteration of my enemy.

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    One day my brother forgot to undress in chaos quasar and dismiss back-up ships, and he met this monster OptimusPrime with the 3 dark commanders and one SS commander with about 300+ million in power while he is only 150+ million in power ...

    After about 20 attempts he gave up, and said "here is your challenge try it and good luck"
    and master Zeus with few attempts made some magic with the smart positioning and a bit of luck.
    After a glorious victory i decided to record a video to remember such a great fight and now sharing it with you

    This video is about how brilliant skill :P may turn lost battle into victory, have a pleasure to watch it and NEVER GIVE UP even fighting versus super big donator !

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    I'm waiting to +4 Elsa for lt, my invisible ranger fleet!
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    This is my Pandora opponent. We know each other from the beginning of my gaming, my first and current opponent. His world always wins, their top 1 have CtC Dark Arturis, so they took all Tech Points and Chips from the Ruling Star and side tasks. His word have many Lts and main ships highly augmented, when I lost the battle I can see 60% from 100% tech ratio ... But I have all R6 and Dual R6 here and my Aqous copied his Lance three times (lvl 90+ players) ... Power of Aquos, one ship against whole fleet took the battle :
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    Often he had saved me ...Cabal on my team

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    My video is my battle in Chaos Quasar, the Annica with Lt. Zaffrey clears whole enemy fleet

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    I will share a pandora battle from 2 months ago, which I have shared previously with everyone here:

    time's up.

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    The Expendables

    This is a video I recorded from Chaos Quasar. It was the last show of my oldest s class fighter: Brom Bones (before Incendos replaced him).

    But the secret star of the battle is Lance. Once he was the most desired commander and the dream that made players patiently invest into the Imperial Bank (discontinued) and save any single Credit. Another commander that finally retired after clearing all the way to level 100 for me.

    Together they prove that they still can overcome any threat. That's why I call this post "The Expendables".

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    Just testing out Annica the day I got her against the only person in my server with Incendos.
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