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Thread: Are the new influence rewards in Pandora acceptable to players?

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    Are the new influence rewards in Pandora acceptable to players?

    Speaking as a player:

    Do you feel that the change from 5 points to 500 points for the first influence-based reward in Pandora is a good change or a bad change?

    A good change results in the growth and continued existence of the game.
    A bad change results in stagnation or the loss of interest and/or players in the game.

    Please comment on your choice below (but be sure your post conforms to the Terms of Service and the Forum Rules)
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    time's up.

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    seriously bad things.
    i have no idea why they changed rule.
    guess they need tons of money.

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    This a game breaker for me.
    No more pandora for me if they don't revert it back the way it used to be.
    Tap is just too much.

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    I usually struggle as a non-paying player but now I doubt I'll even bother!!

    I'm fed up constantly playing against players who have double and triple my total force, so influence points are very hard to come by and now we need to score at least 500 to get the first level of rewards!!

    Absolutely disgusting attitude by the makers of the game

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    I am a VIP 11 extremely close to VIP12... This means I have spent enough to purchase a car in most countries on this game ... The past month of Tap4Fun nonsense has made me come to the decision to no longer spend on this game and with the new pandora format it may be time to leave the game all together .... The company is completely out of touch with the player community...

  6. #6 a vip 0 and its really hard for me to reach 200 points every pandora!

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    It's bad news for everyone. Almost worth boycotting this event.

    The top reward set at 3k merits is a real joke. Activity issues on most servers is a well known problem. Even if I was willing to get a second mortgage and pay like crazy, I would never reach that score playing against servers with less than 30 active players.

    New accounts will find it impossible to get a single chip in Pandora... which is not good to fix the above stated activity issues.

    I want the old reward system back!
    I also want T4F to merge servers where it is most needed. The few stories I've heard about recent mergers were only to bring a bunch of lvl100 together and create a bloodbath.
    It's a shame to see a game with a concept of guild/alliance, while there's barely enough people to fill one.
    In every Pandora I've played in the last 5 months, I have never seen more than 40 players per server.

    It reflects poor gameplay management from the game owners and this new reward system makes it even worst.
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    Dont buy credits til they change it! Write a mail!

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    Totally bad
    With died server how de think someone can reach 1000 influence points ? And for what ? One poorly chip!
    Tap you destroy your game on following this way.
    Pandora is the only thing who keep somes old players like me ( start 09/13) on your game. Now I think the time to left is come
    They'is many game where I can spend my money for have more fun than in your game now
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    We all need to send a complaint report for bugged pandora rewards. It's or first way to complain the second is to discontinue to spend any money on this game. An organized spending boycott may gain traction this time as how it effects older servers and new ones negative in the same way.

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