[He/or she has an unusual appearance, yet never conceals his feelings inside.

He usually keeps his distance from the intense battlefield, yet possesses a secret weapon that constantly enables him to unleash his skill to change the courses in certain battles.

He is a brave warrior, and pious apostle; believing that there is no really insurmountable gap between humanity and apostles. He is willing to stand beside the human commanders and fight together for the peace of galaxy till the end.]

Commanders, do you know who he is?

Event details: Please read the above materials carefully and take a guess who is the mentioned commander in Galaxy Legend(Only one commander).

Event rewards: We’ll randomly pick up 10 players who participate the event in the reply below and reward them with a new year pack.

Expiration date: UTC 4/1/2016 00:00

Note: In order to help us give out rewards, please leave your account information. For instance, (New Year.s2016, World 2016 Android)