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    Galactic Chairmens Guide :: Bean's Guide :: Control time/Repurpose Minus10 Army (part

    Bean's Guide :: 12-29-15
    "If you can control time, You can control the outcome." & "Repurposing Minus Ten Army" [part duex]

    It's been a year serving this community as a Galactic Chairmen and I am grateful for your time and comradery. I look forward to the progress and obstacles we will overcome together in the oncoming year.

    Since the inception of the minus ten army and the infinite fuel glitch we have persevered and evolved in the ongoing Art Of War [AOW]. Once again tap has put another fix in place to disuade it's users from misusing a vital flaw in their programming. Gone are the days when clones could be used to take out a powerful enemy. But this is a good thing since it was being abused and not for the original reason I created it. The reason was to bring balance against a formidable enemy who was at one point playing unfair. However as time went on I began to realize that this method was indeed unbalanced. Alas the neccessity of balance is a very delicate seasaw of efforts to keep any and all playing fields as honest and even as possible. When it comes to love and war we are always looking to gain an advantage inorder to obtain victory. Repurposing and evolving is a neccessity if one wishes to survive.

    Unfortunately the minus ten army which at one point was a very powerful strategy has been diminished to an after thought. Or so the programmers thought....

    We all know that every battle is decided in the final seconds. The final seconds before arena rank server reset or the last few seconds before Pandora ends..... The point is that "If you can control time, you can control the outcome." Here are few ways to control time and repurpose your minus10 army.

    Realize that just because you cant cause -10 damage with your army doesnt mean you cant still use these ships to continue painting the pandora board green and gaining tech points or other rewards.

    Before the kings reward or chip output your enemy needs to travel to the star in order to beat you. Control their timing by placing two or more minus10 army memebers at each node in pathways to the star. You can shave off five to ten seconds off of your opponents last minute pandora fuel teleport to star last second takeover strategy.... Those few seconds will cause them to teleport through each node and fight every battle before they can get to you at the ruling star.... By then the clock will have ran out and their efforts are rendered useless. Always think of ways to control your enemies timing.... The fight most effortlessly won is the fight that wasnt fought at all.

    Challenge your opponent in colonial interactive before server reset inorder to learn their formation. Then beat your opponent and immediately switch your formation. This will throw your opponent off in the last few seconds and leave them powerless in a mind game of fail on how to challenge you weekly. Remember it only matters who is number one for one second as server reset happens and pays out the 5k reward.... The rest of the day its just a number.

    Best of luck commanders and may the force be with you in the new year.

    Ender Bean Wiggins
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    Hi Ender

    Indeed, the use of a second account (scout in Arena/pathfinder or path-blocker in both those events is crucial. In last several Pandora's i did use my second account, that is already good enough to sustain some battles by itself, to get control of key nodes in Pandora before negotiating a fight with an opponent that is more powerful than me (by occupying in advance all those nodes with +2..5% stats boost in a fast sequence) and afterwards scoring the kill with main fleet, or to clean the path before to jump with main character from a dock straight on Ruling Star in the very last seconds of quest time.

    Thank you for explaining in details those tactical tips (I just hope that my opponents in Pandora will be lazy enough and will not read your post LOL )

    Also this side account becomes very handy when you have the crown.. Plenty of opponents are rushing away then the crown moves around in Pandora. using the unobserved scout to clean the path makes them to stay relaxed on the nodes they are occupying at the moment and one can make a surprise attack, scorin some more points in killboard.
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    It's also good to send a weaker ship to check enemy's formation before the battle.

    About "defending" the nodes connectedto the ruling star is fantastic. I've lost a few seconds this weekend and almost couldn't reach the star, because I was not expecting an enemy there and I needed to think for a few seconds if I'd be able to still take the star if I have fight that guy and lose 10%.

    Other good way to use the weaker accounts is to get the speed nodes close to when your main account will pass in one nose and the time to reach your destination is recalculated. =)
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