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Thread: Brief explanation of commander's stats and ranks

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    Brief explanation of commander's stats and ranks

    ------- come with ranks S, A, B, C, D, E - weakest at E, strongest at S. Stars are visual representation of base stats - more stars, better ATK/DEF. Elite Commanders get better quality special attacks. In general it is recommended to use only commanders with ranks S, A and B because of their strength. Special Attacks can be Monomer (single unit), Vertical (column attack), Horizontal (row attack), Cross (row and column attack) or Self (doesn't attack enemies). Every commander has his own stats.

    Primary stats
    HP health points. Your ship is eliminated from current battle when it reaches 0.
    ATK influences damage done with normal and special attacks for all ships except Destroyers.
    DEF reduces damage taken from normal (all ships except Destroyers) and special attacks from all ships except Destroyers.
    S-ATK influences damage done with special attacks.
    S-DEF reduces damage taken from special attacks.
    E-ATK influences damage done with energy and special attacks for Destroyers.
    E-DEF reduces damage taken from energy and special attacks from Destroyers. E-DEF is only obtainable through tech upgrades and thus there exists very little resistance against E-ATK.
    Shield extra HP bar for Protectors. Shield is not impacted by the physical shield you equip on your ship. There is no other known way to increase shield besides leveling. The amount of shield is dependent on the ship. For instance, Elite Duyal has more shield than Elite Lyon, even though Elite Lyon is Rank S and Elite Duyal is Rank C.
    AST potency indicator for Rover's debuff skill. Although all commanders have this stat, only rovers have actual stars.
    Secondary stats
    Critical % chance to do critical damage.
    Anti Crit lowers opponent's % chance to do critical damage.
    Crit ATK % of normal attack commander will inflict if critical attack occurred.
    Block % chance to block half of opponent's damage (after block you have chance to counter attack; note that block and counter fills your accumulator bar twice).
    Penetration reduce opponent's % chance to block.
    Dodge % chance to avoid opponent's attack (counters Hit Rate).
    Hit Rate % chance to hit (reduces opponent's chance to Dodge).
    Speed The team with the greatest total speed starts the round first.
    Accumulator Special attack energy source. Galactonite that gives this increases initial size. Note that each accumulator bar notch = 25 pts, so an +25 pts mean you start off with 3 notches and +50 pts mean you start off with a full bar. Every time you attack, you gain 25 acc points. Every time opponent attacks you, you also gain 25 acc points (except for Primus and Lance, they only gain acc points from attacking). Once fully charged, commander uses special attack on next round. Can charge beyond 4, but won't display - affects damage inflicted by S-ATK.
    Types of Commanders
    Flagship uses physical attack (ATK). Strong equally in all areas. This is your commanding ship. You choose between a male and a female character at the begining of the game. The Flagship is capable of performing a variety of Special Attacks. New Skills (Special Attacks) are obtained by getting higher Prestige levels. You can change skill at any moment (except during Battle).
    Protector uses physical attack (ATK). Strong in pysical defense (DEF) but weak attack strength. The only one to have a shield, often skilled at blocking. Protectors are often located at the front of the grid to protect other ships. /li>
    Ranger uses physical attack (ATK). Equal in phyical attack and defense, skilled at dodging.
    Striker uses physical attack (ATK). Strong in physical attack, weak in physical defense (DEF). Possibility to deal critical damage.
    Destroyer uses energy attack (E-ATK). Ignores all physical defense (DEF). Possibility to deal critical damage. Especially weak in defense (DEF) but not so weak in energy defense (E-DEF). Can't be countered.
    Rover uses physical attack (ATK). Good at debuff skill (for example lowering enemy DEF), weak in defense (DEF).

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    Thanks for posting the info - did u create this? It looks familiar from an old guide or thread that I've come across.

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