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Thread: Incomplete galactonite guide

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    Incomplete galactonite guide

    Yet another how to written for my teammates. I hope it will help some novice players too.

    It is a really tricky task to write a complete galactonite guide, since there are many types of galactonites, and many different commanders that can use them. Actually, this will not be a guide but rather a set of recommendations based on my (still short) game experience.
    Since I don't keep in my mind all possible names for galactonites, I will refer them by parameters they affect.

    All galactonistes can be split in 3 main groups:

    1) Value increasing galactonites
    2) Percentage increasing galactonites
    3) Special values increasing galactonites
    and 4th particular group:
    4) Dual traits galactonites

    *** First group. Value increasing gala ***
    The least useful ones

    Here I include HP, DEF, SDEF, ATK, SATK, EATK increasing galactonites AND ALSO dual galactonites of all levels (R5 and R6) that increase those stats on both components (like Nefario R5). For this reason I will include this subgroup of dual traits galactonites here.

    All those galactonites are useful in first stage of the game, up to level 60-65, but they become a waste of galactonite energy and resources (cubits, credits) after that.
    Here is the reason: Once HARDCORE page is opened in research center, all primary stats get a boost for the entire fleet that is comparable to R6 value increasing galactonites.
    For instance, Hardcore research on Advanced Hull (level 66 right now for me, +320 increase for each level) provides my fleet with 21120 extra points of HP. Nefario galactonite (R5, dual trait HP/EATK) boosts HP (on level 5) with 28800 for a single commander. and it requires 21364 galactonite energy for it.
    Those dual traits galactonite (value increasing) still can be of help for a while, but after level 90 they will, definitely, become obsolete.

    A special note here: EATK is specific parameter ONLY FOR Destroyers. An EATK increasing galactonite (or EATK component of dual trait gala with EATK boost) will have no effect on any other class of commanders

    *** Second group. Percentage increasing gala ***
    In the middle stage of the game (level 65-90) galactonites from this group are most useful ones (and also most affordable )

    Those galactonites are:
    Penetration, Hit Rate, Block, Dodge, Crit ATK, Critical, and Anti Crit.
    Therefore, this short list of galactonites (especially from R4 up) should be your favorites for time being.

    First, let me explain briefly all those parameters.
    (Note that all of them are considered in pairs in game mechanics except Crit ATK)

    Penetration - Block
    Hit rate - Dodge
    Criticals - Anti Crit

    Now some more details:

    ** Penetration: ability to pierce enemy block. A successful block will halve dealt damage, and in about 50% of the cases can trigger a counter-attack (counter-attacks are not counted towards regular firing sequence, being actually a form of extra attack per turn)
    Block - opposite to penetration.

    ** Hit Rate is responsible for a hit or a miss during attacks. The opposing parameter is Dodge.
    A commander with high dodge rate will become really hard to hit (Iíve seen full rounds when Opal, buffed up with Dodge galactonite and with extra 20% dodge after her special attack was not hit at all). Just like in case of Penetration/Block, if the Dodge value is higher than Hit Rate value of the attacking commander, there is a high chance that the attack will miss.

    ** Critical - chance that your attack will deal some extra damage (compared to regular hit). The actual amount of dealt damage is given by Crit ATK percentage. For instance, attacking commander has Crit ATK value of 220% and he is doing a critical attack. His regular attack has 100 000 value. therefore, In this case he will deal 220 000 damage.

    As you can see, if you'll get your most damage dealing commander and you will buff up his dodge, block, hit rate, penetration, critical and crit ATK parameters, he will become a real killer that will be hard to hit back. And even if he is hit, the damage taken will be less than regular

    *** Third group. Special values gala ***

    This is the smallest and easiest to understand group
    Only Accumulator increasing and speed increasing galactonites are included here.

    Accumulator. You all should know by now what it does, but here is a reminder. Special Attack of any commander is triggered once his accumulator is charged to 100 or above. Once S-Attack is fired, the accumulator is depleted (or discharged to 50 for some particular commanders) Therefore, the accumulator increasing galactonite has an effect only prior to first S-Attack of the commander. All subsequent attacks are not influenced by this galactonite. However, initial accumulator value is one of most important values of all, so your aim should be 100 or more accumulator value for every commander.

    Speed. this parameter is not yet so important for most of us, but its importance will increase in time. It does affect the firing sequence.
    Out of two opposing squads, the squad that has the right of first shot is the one that has higher total (sum) speed. At higher levels (90+) almost all players have a full set of powerful galactonites and the outcome of the battle is given mainly by firing sequence.

    *** Forth group. Dual traits ***

    This group is really large and developers are struggling to make it even larger, but I will make it brief: It contains any possible combination of two galactonites from group 1, 2 and 3 (right now dual trait speed gala is not available in the game but I have no doubt that ones of this kind will be featured in the game sometimes in the future)
    Since all galactonites in this group are R5 and R6, they are also the most valued and most useful one. you get 2 at price of 1
    Important note: If both parameters affected by a dual trait gala are from group 1, it should be considered to be less useful.

    Galactonite improving

    So far I've identified only two ways to improve galactonites:

    1) leveling up. pretty much straightforward. Trade galactonite energy for corresponding stat increase

    2) Galactonite refining. A not so easy way to get higher ranked galagtonite out of some lower level ones.
    First, you will need to unlock this feature in Galactonite Center by upgrading it to level 14
    Second, you will need to collect some galactonites of lower level in order to get 1 of next level.
    Note: The "Salvage" option is available only once per day if target (left) galactonite is R4 or higher and for an unlimited number of times if the target is R3 or lower.

    As I mentioned, value increasing galactonites are not so useful when one reach a higher level. Personally, I opted to disintegrate all my R5 galactonites from 1st group and to use R3 galactonites from 2nd one

    Out of two opponents with similar force and similar weaponry, one buffed up with percentage increasing galactonites and the second one with value increasing ones, the first one has better chance to win the fight. The second one has more HP, hits harder but.. He will miss often, his attacks will be blocked and counter often and he will end up asking in game chat how it is possible)))

    For this reason, I'd strongly advise against spending credits on chroma prisms since their outcome is rather unpredictable and chances are that you will end up with a nice looking but useless dual.
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    Now, let's proceed to the hard part of this guide: how to allocate galactonites to our commanders.

    First, I need to point it out that there is no such thing called "the best galactonite allocation"
    The exact galactonite allocation will depend on several factors:
    * available galactonites
    * commanders intended to be used in battle
    * your commanders battle layout
    * opponent battle layout
    * firing sequence
    * all other parameters (type of special attacks of your commanders and of your opponent's commanders)

    As you can see, the criteria for galactonite allocation are in large number and are basically linked to your and opponent battle layout

    For day to day battles we can, however, reach an optimal galactonite allocation.

    Once again, we should choose - we can buff up one or two commanders to be our hitters and the rest of the squad will be their support or we can go for a balanced team.
    Once this choice is done, we can proceed

    First of all, we need to observe our commanders weak spots (hit rate below 100, dodge or block at 0%, etc) and to evaluate if we have required galactonites to improve it.

    For instance, Trickster has a base Hit Rate of 95%. He is a good destroyer and we want him in our main squad. All other commanders in the squad have hit rate of 100% or above. The obvious solution - to take the best hit Rate improving gala and place it on Trickster

    If we would like that our commanders to deal more (and better) critical we should place on them corresponding galactonites. If there are only one or two of those, and there is a destroyer with cross or line (horizontal/vertical) special attack, a good option is to place the best pair of those particular galactonites on that destroyer.

    If we use a commander as main defender (a protector, for instance) we could buff him up with our best dodge/block galactonite.

    Special note on Lance: if he is used, a good dodge skill is not really required at this stage (he has his 2 mil shield that lasts 2 turns). Instead, we need to max out his block ability and hope that he will counter-attack as much as possible (his accumulator does not charge when he is hit, but only by his own fire).

    Anti Crit ability is not yet crucial at this stage, so I would suggest keeping those Divine Shield galactonites in your stash for later use. If anti Crit is part of a dual trait gala, use it if the second increased ability is also from second list

    I can't stress enough the importance of firing sequence and subsequent accumulator increasing galactonite allocation.
    Unfortunately, there are just too many possibilities to describe them all.
    If there is Annika or Lance in your team (or both) try to make them to fire first and fire special attack on the go. If you have a really good Block galactonite, give it to Lance and place a destroyer behind him. Chances are that they will survive the battle.
    If the opponent fires first - use flagman as a decoy.
    If in our team there is a commander that has the ability to provide shields for several commanders in the squad (Dark Asgard, Thanatos, Annika, etc) we should select the right accumulator increasing galactonite for him AND to place him in the right position.
    If the opponent is firing first, and his first hit is a rather weak monomer, we can place our shied-giver in front of this enemy commander and leave his accumulator at 75+
    But if the right of first fire is our, then our shield-giver should fire his special ASAP, so try to bump up his accumulator to 100 or more.

    If the opponent team is built around incendos, the accumulator increasing galactonite allocation and battle layout could be also different - incendos is a real menace if our accumulators are not depleted. So the accumulators should be set up in accordance, in order to minimize additional damage dealt by incendos special skill.

    An (incomplete) galactonite guide part III

    New weekend, some more time to write down a few things about galactonites.

    Most of us have some really good commanders that hit hard, have decent defense and best weaponry that each of us can afford.
    There is only one more thing we could ask for: our commanders should die harder than opponent ones
    There are several ways to achieve that:
    buff up their HP, DEF, SDEF, EDEF, AntiCrit, Block or Dodge parameters.

    As I stated previously, efforts (read spendings) to increase HP, DEF or SDEF (as well as ATK, SATK, EATK) values by means of galactonite are not so worthy.

    There are two pairs of galactonites that deserve a closer look at our current stage (around level 80)
    Those pairs are Penetration/Block and Hit Rate/Dodge.
    The outcome of a battle can be dramatically changed only by correct usage of those two pairs of galactonite. And here is why:

    Block/Penetration pair
    Most commanders (including opponent ones) have a more or less acceptable Block ability. A successful block halves dealt damage and could lead to a counter-attack. Obviously, we should aim for a high block rate for our commanders and to not be blocked by opponent ones. However, most destroyers and many rangers have a really high base penetration ability. Therefore, all those commanders will bypass your block and will hit. Conclusions?

    1) Check penetration value of every commander you intend to place in active team. Raise up their penetration as much as possible, giving best "Fissures" galactonite to commanders with lowest penetration rating. To some extent, You need to collect and build up a set of 5 decent "Fissures" galactonite, and use all extra randomly collected R3 ones to refine some R4s, then R4 to R5 and so on.
    The penetration value of your commanders will never be high enough

    2) Check Block value of same set of commanders. Observe ones who have already a boost on Block (better check them in Handbook, or remove all "Phantom" galactonites from your commanders beforehand). It makes sense to place a Block improving galactonite on a commander only if, as a result, he/she will get a Block value of 30 or above. Otherwise those "Phantoms" will, in most cases, do nothing except keeping a galactonite slot occupied. Use all those extra Phantoms you have already in refining process. You will end up, eventually, with some R5-R6 Phantom galactonite that could be of some real use.

    Dodge/Hit Rate pair
    My favorite one
    If, during your examination on commander's stats you did pay attention to the Dodge and Hit Rate values (also in Handbook or with no galactonites on commanders) you probably did notice that most commanders have some native Dodge skill but almost all of them have no native improvement on their Hit Rate.

    The straightforward conclusion: We can gain some extra shots (i.e. avoid several enemy's ones) by raising our Dodge skill. Fortunately, A decent (R4+) Flash (Dodge) galactonite is much more common than a DeathEye (Hit Rate) one. Add those extra 10-20% given by native dodge Skill and you will conclude that you will need at least an R5 DeathEye on your commanders just to counteract a regular R4 Flash.

    As a conclusion:

    1) check your commander's stats, check your galactonite inventory.
    Place a really good block galactonite on commanders who have already a good native block skill.

    2) Place a good penetration galactonite on every commander you do use in the battle

    3) Also place a good Hit Rate galactonite on every commander you do use in the battle. Use best DeathEye galactonite on commanders with lowest Hit Rate value (for instance, Trickster as well as Broom Bones has by default a Hit Rate at 95% instead of more common 100%)

    4) Place a good Flash (Dodge) galactonite on every commander who have already some native dodge skill. Note: If same commander has a similar boost on both block and dodge skill, you should favor Dodge (providing you have enough Flash galactonites)

    5) A high Dodge value will not guarantee you that opponent commanders will miss all the time. But you will get, from time to time, a pleasant surprise that could change the outcome of a battle if it occurs at right moment

    PS: There are some commanders (for instance - Violette) who, if used as lieutenants, improve Hit Rate value for entire squad. If you have Violette in your active team, try to find a replacement and let her boost your Hit Rate

    I know that i barely scratched the surface of the subject, but i just don't see how to make a working "how to" guide in this case. I really hope that those two posts will help some of us.
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    After giving it a second thought, those R5 - R6 dual traits gala that boost both stats from first group may become useful at a moment in the future.
    There are 6 available slots. (Post edit: Now there are 8)
    There are 7 percentage parameters+accumulator and speed.
    If, one day, when you'll count your force in hundreds of millions, it is possible that you will have collected full sets of dual-traits galactonites for all your commanders. So you will still have 1-2 free slots to use. And that could be a really good moment to recall those dual traits with fixed stats increase
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    This group is really large and developers are struggling to make it even larger, but I will make it brief: It contains any possible combination of two galactonites from group 1, 2 and 3 (right now dual trait speed gala is not available in the game but I have no doubt that ones of this kind will be featured in the game sometimes in the future)
    How about some bonuses for ideas, tap4fun guys??

    Less than two months since i originally posted that thing here and now it is already on the market
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pliusomiot View Post
    How about some bonuses for ideas, tap4fun guys??

    Less than two months since i originally posted that thing here and now it is already on the market
    Just in case, here is an another idea about galactonites: introduce in the game some gala with % increase bonus on primary stats (ATC, DEF, etc). Then make some r6 duals with them, hopefully this time not priced as a second hand ferrari
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