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Thread: Sharp Tongue Arena II--Support Cryptor

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    giftbox Sharp Tongue Arena II--Support Cryptor

    If you think Cryptor is the mightiest hero among Sirenne, Cryptor and Retrobot, please reply here.

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    Is a little difficult to choise ...but....
    Im a supporter for Cryptor....cause of his skill,
    Think for him cause for me is most needed to have on my formation....for primus and primus invasion...

    His static skill for 5 round is a big help bringing big rewards...cubits and galactonice etc...
    Maybe im satisfy for this reason..but are daily rewards...weekly too..and neccessary...

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    In my opinion, Cryptor is the mightiest commander, because:
    - First, he is good supporter: have special skill grant 2 amazing shields, a life vest and counter attack, could reversing the battle situation. Those are realy a terrible dream for the Primus.
    - He has awesome stats with 25% block, 20% pen and 30% crit, same speed with Sirenne and Rerobot making him is the decent damage dealer. With Dual R6 crit-pen he can one hit any ship.
    - And the last, he has cool-looking. Like a White Dragon!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sander Prenga View Post
    Is a little difficult to choise ...but....
    Im a supporter for Cryptor....cause of his skill,
    Think for him cause for me is most needed to have on my formation....for primus and primus invasion...

    His static skill for 5 round is a big help bringing big rewards...cubits and galactonice etc...
    Maybe im satisfy for this reason..but are daily rewards...weekly too..and neccessary...

    Aleks.s845 World 803
    Yeah I agree with you about Cryptor in Primus battle, he is awesome. Hopefully he not been neft to much. This video below explained why

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    By the way, in Pandora, when my enemy has Cryptor, he will be my first target, he is really making annoying. But the battle in Pandora is twice easier than normal because of handicap and boosters.
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    Я поддержу Криптора, так как это очень хороший командир, для Праймус, и Праймус вторжения. То что он держит смертельный удар, делает его и один карабль на поле боя очень хороший показатель для него. И бой может быть выйгран.
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    I really like Cryptor more among them all. I still like his unique ability - he really can save the battle, survive your friendly ship, but to be honest, he was much more stronger before that nerf. Not even about Primus - I guess his behavior on Primus was the one full bug, but ability to block and counter-attack when he is in stasis state - that wasn't bug as I for me. So, RiP Cryptor, but I still like him

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    Until 4 days ago I would have picked Sirenne as the best non-Dark, non-SS commander in the game, but then Krill happened. And that changed everything. Now I genuinely believe Cryptor is the best non-Dark, non-SS hero, and that makes him better than Retrobot or Sirenne as well.

    I will break this analysis into several parts:

    1) Special attack effect:
    First thing that makes Cryptor special is his ability to withstand death ... and not only for himself but for another companion ship as well. So when you are comparing any ship's power against Cryptor you actually have to compare that ship's power against Cryptor and his now saved friend.
    Also the stasis effect of Cryptor last for 5 rounds ... that means it can easily happen to have 3 ships under the effect at the same time. Those are 3 ships that are still fighting and hitting enemies.

    I mentioned Krill earlier. Now Cryptor's stasis effect keeps him and a companion alive even in the face of certain doom. But with Krill's +7 effect in the game now, Cryptor is the best suited to use that. Basically until now the best way to deal with Cryptor once it activated stasis was to chop his life until a low amount and then kill him twice in the same round. Well that tactic is going to be way harder now since chopping life is not a 100% success path anymore. And the fact that he has stasis on him means it can actually survive that full turn of hits to get again to a big hp stat it previously had. With the added benefit of firing a new stasis since being hit charges accumulator of course.

    How do the other's effect compare:
    Retrobot: freezing effect has a chance to occur and it only lasts 1 round. His accumulator depletion has an even lower chance to occur and it takes down 75 accumulator. Taking in account that the standard commanders accumulator is 50 and lvl10 satarocean gives +75 ... we can see this as the equivalent of a 2 rounds effect. Now the chance of both this effects occurring at the same time on the same ship would be 0.6 * 0.5 = 0.3. So we could say Retrobot has a 30% chance of having a 3 rounds equivalent effect. Way lower than Cryptor's 100% chance of a 5 rounds effect.

    Sirenne: this is easier to compare, a 2 rounds certain effect that is countered by Cryptor's 5 rounds certain effect. So Sirenne looses in this regard.

    Also Cryptor's special effect triggers even if it misses the target, unlike the competitor's who only trigger on hitting the target and even then only with a certain chance (Retrobot) or if a sopecial condition occurs, condition denied by Cryptor's special (Sirenne).

    So for the effect duration and power the clear winner is Cryptor.

    2) Ship class:
    Cryptor and Retrobot are the same being both rangers. So we have a draw in here.

    Sirenne is a rover. The main disadvantage rovers have is their lack of penetration skill, and Sirenne is no exception to this. On the other hand what Cryptor has in abundance of is exactly block. So, compared to Cryptor, the fact that it is a Rover is actually a disadvantage for Sirenne. On the other hand Retrobot has 0% block

    Clear winner: Cryptor

    3) Special attack power:
    Cryptor: 150% monomer.
    Sirenne: 100% horizontal.
    Retrobot: 100% cross-attack.

    Considering the number of targets hit, Cryptor is at a clear disadvantage to the other 2 since it will hit only one single target while Sirenne and Retrobot have the possibility to hit multiple targets.

    Considering the power of the initial hit: Cryptor wins since his initial hit is harder than that of Sirenne and Retrobot, giving him a better chance to simply kill his target in 1 shoot, or at least take a significant portion of the damage.

    Giving this I would say this category it is a draw between the 3 of them.
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    Crypto analysis. Part 2
    Due to the fact this analysis is long, I did decide to split it in manageable post lengths, so let's continue:

    4) Raw stats:
    In order to analyse we are to assign 3 points for being position 1 in a category, 2 points for position 2 and 1 point for 3rd position.

    Skill (lvl 100) Cryptor Retrobot Sirenne
    ATK 125204 124972 106969
    S-ATK 92666 88266 116170
    Def 91348 102600 67727
    S-DEF 72313 63311 97407
    HP 731985 731335 724284
    Crit 30 15 20
    Crit ATK 160 165 175
    Anti Crit 0 30 35
    Block 25 0 0
    Dodge 0 35 25
    Pen 20 0 0
    Hit 100 110 110
    Total 25p 22p 23p

    So from this table we can see Cryptor is clearly the winner in the stats category.

    5) Fleet Uses:
    Cryptor: PvP and Primus.
    Although it's auto-block effect is supposed to be taken out, Cryptor still can be used in it's Primus formation due to the fact primus has no penetration and it's block rate can be ridiculously high. (note though at the time of writing this post on iOS the bug is not fixed).

    Sirenne: PvP

    Retrobot: PvP.
    He has no use in classical Primus formation due to the fact that there are already 3 reliable lockers (100% effect), so an unreliable one can't be placed. Also he is unreliable as an accumulator reducer, so can't be used for that either.

    Winner: Cryptor.

    Out of 5 analysed section, Cryptor is winning 4.
    This makes it in my opinion clear that out of the 3 commanders analysed, he is clearly the winner.
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    When Cryptor is a Ranger, he can companion with Elsa+4 making him a real damage dealer, with deadly onehit. Could you image the sharpshooter with shield and invisible?
    I really like Ranger type, when the game has too many new Rover
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