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let me disagree to you as well
1) his stasis shield do not counter attack anymore and thats why he completely lost his power on the primus and primus invasion
2) he can't one-shoot Sirenne or Retrobot simply because Sirenne and Retrobot have high anti-crit stat which is 30% higher than Cryptor's critical chance (any kind of stone could be countered by another stone, so, only basic ship stats are important)
3) Retrobot is much whiter and looks like was born to be an Apple representative in this game
Hi bro, I disagrre with you too
1. The shield still counter-attack, you can see it in the last Primus Invasion event
2. You are wrong about crit change of Cryptor, he has 30% crit, best of three. With nice equipment and galactonite, the 150% s-atk will kill almost enemy with or without critical.
3. People have difference favorite