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Thread: Sharp Tongue Arena II--Support Sirenne

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeus View Post
    one more point in favor of Retrobot is he can evade the primus.

    yes for this he still need a good dual trait galactonite with the evasion part, but he has 10% more than Elsa which was the most slippery hero before we got retrobot.

    So the retrobot is so versatile hero that can be useful not only in PvP but also in every action this game has:
    every day Primus, Infinite cosmos, Chaos Quasar, Primus Invasion

    everywhere his superb cross freezing or accums draining will help you as well as his high damage and durability
    I'm not sure, due to large number of opinions expressed in this contest, if it was already mentioned, but Retrobot is not such a great Primus commander as it is described in quoted post.

    To fight Primus efficiently, you need a 100% reliable locker and 100% reliable accumulator draining commanders.
    Replacing any 100% lockers from primus fleet with Retrobot will end up by messing carefully designed battle sequence in 40% of cases.
    Replacing the accumulator drainer will mess up the sequence in 50% of the battles against primus.
    And there is no reason to do it since
    a) the possibility that Retrobot will dodge primus's attack is not endorsed by certainty that he will lock/drain accumulator when his next special will occur
    b) Retrobot SAtck is not dealing additional damage to primus compaired to satck of regular lockers or flynn

    Also, I'd point out here that Elsa is just as slippery as Sirenne is, since they both have the same dodge skill
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    Presumably, at this moment (29 dec, 00:18 gmt) the contest is already over, so an offtopic post will not spoil it

    A couple of questions on this contest (again, relevant threads are closed so i use the one that is open and is related to the contest)

    Here is the scoring methodology :

    "4. How the Event is marked: All of the players who participate in the Event will get 1 basic Prestige Point. Debate content will be assessed by the Administrators, if the content is seen to be very objective then 1 extra Prestige Point will be added. The presentation of the arguments is very clear, must be full of reasoning, refute counter arguments, and this will get an extra 2 Prestige Points, at regular intervals (around a day at a time), the Administrators will announce the current scores."

    Are those criteria actually applied ?
    Are the posts reevaluated at the end of the contest ?
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    We can see in this table why Sirenne is better than the others
    1. Sirenne has the deadlies skill from all commanders. 100% horizontal+150%cross means total damage of 250% of S-ATK with which he will destroy every ship. Also the horizontal attack makes the things easier because he can hit more ships and the Death code can be even deadly by hitting more ships after its been activated. The death code can turn the whole battle it can be activated from every where and there is enough time for this- 2 rounds.
    2. Sirenne has very high dodge which is growing with every augmentation with +1%, which means that for the enemy ships will be hard to hit him. The chance to miss Sirenne is very big.
    3. Sirenne has the highest anti crit, which will help him to prevent critical shots from enemy ships and it means that Sirenne will stay alive longer
    4. Sirenne is a rover so with the help from Violette he will get +100 speed points and that will help for the first shot, which is the most important thing in the game.
    5. Sirenne has very high hit rate which means that he will hit the target almost always.
    6. Sirenne has very good critical chance, and with the help of horizontal attack he can make more critical shots because with every hitted ship the chance of critical is growing.
    7. Sirenne has higher S-ATK which means he will deal more damage by hitting his S-ATK
    8. Sirenne can use the lieutenants Zaffrey and Kril successfuly because of his good "protection" stats- high anti crit, high dodge and high S-DEF which will help him to survive longer and the lieutenant skills will be activated successfuly.
    9. Sirenne has 2 attacks- horizontal and cross, which means that he can hit more ships than the others.

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