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Thread: Sharp Tongue Arena II--Support Sirenne

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    giftbox Sharp Tongue Arena II--Support Sirenne

    If you think Sirenne is the mightiest commander among Sirenne, Cryptor and Retrobot, please reply here.

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    I believe Sirenne to be the mightiest of the three because he has the ability to take out a whole fleet with his death code satk. All 9 positions are possible attacks which leaves only invisibility to counter.
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    My argument is for SIRENNE being the BEST MOST AWSOME of the three are 1. He's a Rover and everyone knows that rovers have good speed and are even brtter when Violette is used as a lieutenant along with 2 or 3 rovers!
    2. His satk is awsome very powerful if he doesn't take you out first shot his death code finishes you off!
    3. Also he has high hp and great dodge so if you pair him with Zaffery as lieutenant you also get a chance of going invisible so if he has to he can take a hit aswell as give one in my honest opinion he is amazing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ender Bean Wiggins View Post
    I believe Sirenne to be the mightiest of the three because he has the ability to take out a whole fleet with his death code satk. All 9 positions are possible attacks which leaves only invisibility to counter.
    I totally agree (Jimbo.s196 world1099 android)

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    My opinion is that Sirenne is the best because i like the skill he has. One of the best skills belong to Sirenne. I love to see when Sirenne activates the Death code skill and better if there is following explosion that can smash all fleet. One really powerful ship with a really beautiful skill.

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    im sure Sirenene is better than Crypton and Retrobot.
    1. his ability is best. dogde and anticrit make him can be a last stander. Retrobot has higher dogde but now many hero and lieutant give more hitrate, so anticrit is difference.
    2. his satk is awsome. deal 100% satk, 80% put poison in enemi, when that ship destroyed and... boom, poison go to cross line, deal more dame to other ship on the way, that will be scare for enemi
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    i support sirenne he is a incendos or brom as rover
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    I'd opt for Cryptor if his implementation was in accordance with his description in handbook. But since he was described incorrectly, and his stasis state is removed after the lethal hit (basically turning stasis state to a fixed amount of damage supporting shield type of stasis, not a state lasting 5 turns)

    I fully agree that Sirenne is the mightiest among those 3 commanders.
    Retrobot has his pros, especially higher dodge, aided by high probabilities of side effects to be triggered.
    But he lacks post attack additional damage dealt by death code, death code is triggered with higher probability, the damage dealt by death code enabled cross is 150% and could lead to another cross with the same 150% Satk damage if the odds are on your side.
    Only Seagal has the ability to hit all 5 ennemy ships with one special attack that deals 142% satk on average per ship so far. Sirenne nedds a helper (second hitter who will trigger death codes) but his death code can be effectively countered only if all 9 cells on the battlefield are unlocked.

    Also Sirenne's dodge is also quite good, at base 25%, lagging only 10 points behind Retrobot's one.
    Retrobot hit rate is probably the only thing that could be a real argument in his favor. He will almost never miss if buffed correctly with galactonites (later edit: but so does Sirenne too)

    PS: argumentation has to be split in several posts, one post for every argument or it is ok to put it all in a single one? )))))
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    I think Sirenne is the best from these 3 commanders, because:
    1. Sirenne has an advantage in the speed because he is a rover and can get +100 points by violette, which is big advantage for first shot. Also with zaffrey he can stay alive much longer and use his skill again which makes him even more dangerous.
    2. His skill is active for 2 round which means that the chance for success is doubled.
    3. The death code can kill the whole fleet. He shoots horizontal attack which can turn into cross attack and finish the battle easy.
    4. Sirenne has very good critical and dodge rate, which makes him hard to be killed and also he can deal a lot of damage because of his critical and this will make the things even easier. If the attacked ships are not killed, they will left with very low HP and they will be easy to be killed and then the death code will finish them.
    Sirenne is the only one who can deal 2 different types of attack- horizontal and cross.
    The skill of Sirenne has very big chance for success- 80% and doubled chance to use it successfully.l because of its activity for 2 rounds.
    Finally I want to say that Sirenne is the perfect commander. The commander with the most advantages. Can use the skills of violette and zaffrey, has very good stats- high dodge, critical and hit rate and deadly skill. Just Sirenne.

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    Yo le boy a sirenne es el que mas me gusta
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