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Thread: Sharp Tongue Arena II--Event Announcement

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    giftbox Sharp Tongue Arena II--Event Announcement

    A full man is made of wisdom and strength.
    A talent is made of eloquence and fluency.
    Though you have been winning battles of ships in the galaxy, can you win the battles of words in the debate?
    Though you holds power in your hands, do you really know the true power of your commander?
    Who is the mightiest hero among Sirenne, Cryptor and Retrobot?
    Who will you vouch for?
    Why not join a grand debate?
    Be a debater than a on-looker!
    The Sharp Tongue Arena Round 2 is coming!

    Event Time: UTC 25/12 00:00—29/12 00:00
    Event Location: New Official GL Forum —Repair Station
    Event administrator: GL official, Section Leaders, Galactic Chairmen
    Event Location: New Official GL Forum —Repair Station

    Event Proposition: Who is the mightiest heroamong Sirenne, Cryptor and Retrobot?

    Event Details:

    1. GL Officials provide a topic, aside from the Administrators, players participate in the debate of your own accord.

    2. Officials will set up 4 category Threads in Repair Station:

    A. Event announcement Thread ( which including ‘Event Introduction', ‘Proposition')
    B. Support Sirenne thread.
    C. Support Cryptor thread.
    D. Support Retrobot thread.

    3. How to participate: During the Event, any player who provides his or her opinion on the corresponding thread will be considered as having participated in the Event and will be counted in the score ranks.

    4. How the Event is marked: All of the players who participate in the Event will get 1 basic Prestige Point. Debate content will be assessed by the Administrators, if the content is seen to be very objective then 1 extra Prestige Point will be added. The presentation of the arguments is very clear, must be full of reasoning, refute counter arguments, and this will get an extra 2 Prestige Points, at regular intervals (around a day at a time), the Administrators will announce the current scores.

    5. Rewards:

    Rank 1 player from each discussion post: Sharp Tongue Winner's Super Pack*1.
    Rank 2 player from each discussion post: Sharp Tongue Winner's Pack*2.
    Rank 3 player from each discussion post: Sharp Tongue Winner's Pack*1

    The debate post with the highest amount of points will have 20 players selected from it (players with more than 5 Prestige Points) and they will each receive a Sharp Tongue Participant's Super Pack. Of the remaining sides, 5 players will be chosen from them respectively (players with more than 5 Prestige Points) and provide them with a Sharp Tongue Participant's Super Pack.

    Sharp Tongue Winner's Super Pack: 5000 credits, nuclear R6*1, Flagship chip*3
    Sharp Tongue Winner's Pack: 2000 credits, nuclear R5*1, Flagship chip*1
    Sharp Tongue Participant's Super Pack: Power Amplifier*3,Tech points*200K

    1. In the course of the discussions, anyone who posts spam will be muted for 1 week and the spam will be deleted.
    2. In the debate posts, unambiguous posts of support will not be merited with points, and the post will be deleted.
    3. Debate content with any inappropriate or insulting language, or which contains any innuendos will cause the sender to be muted for a week. The post will be deleted and any points which the sender has qualified for will be deleted.

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    Crytor is a good hero but not for pvp, is to make primus primus and invasion, help win those two events, the interesting and sets between Sirenne retrobot, Sirenne ability is impressive with his bomb kills but esquivable if the enemy commander has good evasion could not kill him, but RETROBOT evasion has more and more if anyone is +6 and +4 Lieutenant, I think I prefer the three RETROBOT
    Thank you

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    Sirenne, it complimenting all armed assassin, very good evasion. if not achieve victory in battle, lower power translates enemy, it is useful in all events. the best Sirenne the murderer of death.

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    Доброго дня! Я выбираю места в таком порядке:
    1.Криптор - имеет очень хороший навык щит бессмертия это пожалуй лучше что есть у всех кораблей в игре. и по этому он занимает первое место

    2.Сталкер - 100% горизонтальная С-атк которая может перейти в 150% дает большое преимущество в концовке боя. но я ему отдаю второе место потому что первое занято.

    3.Ретробот - снимает акумулятор 75% и одновременно морозит но чтобы это работало хорошо он должен ходить первым тогда это будет хорошим боем, но в большинстве случаев соперник будет ходить первым.

    Спасибо за такие хорошие корабли!

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    After Augumnt +7 with assist of perfect galactonites
    Dodge, Block and Critical will raise in Sirenne He Will Be Like A Death Element in The Form

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    Retrobot is the one for me. He can freez and replaced enemy acc in one hit .
    Cross s atk that means in a good pace in form against enemy he can be the ultimate weapon even if enemy is more powered from you

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    i think Sirenne is the best he could miss lots of hits and his skill with add of good killer commander will give great help in wining battles

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    Dear Papito Siles, Yhoe, Tolьbes, Firas, Savvas and Mostafa Mahmoud,

    this is the announcement thread! Please move (copy content, insert new post with copied content, delete old post) your posts to the dedicated commander support threads!

    Best regards
    Galactic Chairman
    Repair Station Section Leader
    Event log:
    PVP: Craven/Chris/Slade T-IV [+15], Sky Mightlis [+15], Penelope [+15], Galaxy Lord [+T3], Roland [+T3]

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