The Christmas is very near to us! The event Christmas Celebration—Prelude which was held in General discussion opened the door to happiness. But what is happiness? Happiness is to show you, a better you.

A good name can make us remember you, but a good avatar can show us your
talent, your heart…

So, why not upload your avatar?

1. Event content: Any player who want to join in please send us your picture in the reply below and change your avatar with this picture. (The picture can be selfie, PS, drawing, can be related to the game, Christmas…it can also be GIF picture.)

2. Event time: UTC 22/12/2015 00:00—27/12/2015 23:59

3. Event rewards:
rank 1, 1 player, Christmas Happiness pack*1+Christmas big pack*1
rank 2, 2 players, Christmas Happiness pack*1
rank 3, 3 players, Christmas big pack*1
lucky winners, 20 players, lucky Christmas pack*1

Christmas Happiness pack:2K credits+Z-boson*30+Nuclear R6*1
Christmas big pack: 1K credits+Z-boson*20+battle bot*1
lucky Christmas pack: 500 credits

4. How to change(upload) avatar: Forum Actions—Edit profile—Edit Avatar—Custom Avatar

5. Notes: A. No any improper picture and work which disobey the forum rule. If we find this, we will delete the picture immediately and cancel the eligibility. Besides, the related player will be banned for a week. B. We will only select the players who reply in this thread and attend the event according to the rule. C. The art work should be made by players themselves.

Special thanks to players who give us the event idea in The event Christmas Celebration—Prelude.