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Thread: GL COMMANDERS HQ [CHQ] Sign In #6

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    Hi guys! Checking in.

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    Checking in hope all is well

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    Whasaappppp, i am new here, just joined ur forum

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    Santa was here...

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    Signing IN for Weekly Credit
    DAHU.s950 IOS
    Lv 90

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    Aug 2015
    Saudi Arabia
    good morning guys.. checking in...

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    Have a good week to all I hope they come out with a new st Nick

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    Hola gente me urge los créditos no se olviden de mi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Richards View Post
    Have a good week to all I hope they come out with a new st Nick
    Fb name-Jason Richards
    Forum name-drama
    World+platform-1282 Android
    Game level-88

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    Hey Friends,

    Congratulations on a wonderful success this week
    Yet again we did it, yet again we prove we are a great team, we are winners

    Our Facebook group is filled with great tips, that will definitely guide and benefit you.. our experts are available to support you, answer your questions and give you tips and ideas

    Thank you for being awesome
    Chadi Sahioun


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