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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. How to record Galaxy Legend videos on iPhone (like battles, etc)?
    - There is no legal Screen Recording programs in App Store. You need a MacBook or iMac to make it. I'm using iMac. If you have MacBook or iMac - you can easily record an iPhone's screen with QuickTime Player (Right click on it - New Movie Recording - Camera - Your iPhone).

    2. How to record Galaxy Legend videos on Android?
    - There are some screen recording apps on Android, but I didn't find any of them, that can record it in HD and without lags. So I'm using Android Emulator (BlueStacks) on my PC, and record video with screen capture program (Camtasia Studio).

    3. How to record Galaxy Legend battles without lags?
    - The way I'm doing it: I'm recording a battle with 1x battle speed, then I speed it up by 200% (or more) while editing. So I get 2x speed Galaxy Legend battle without lags or freezes. If you need a battle sound (like shoots, explosions, etc) in the video - you can record sounds (without video) with 2x battle speed, and then just add it to the video while editing.

    4. What software do you use to edit your videos?
    - There are so many video editing programs (like Adobe Premier Pro, Sony Vegas Pro, etc). As I'm working on iMac - I used to work on iMovie, but for the last several months I've started to work on Final Cut Pro.

    to be continued..

    Please, feel free to ask any questions about recording and producing Galaxy Legend videos, and I will try to answer it!
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