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Thread: Cabal bugged?

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    Cabal bugged?

    Hey guys,

    I got that feeling, that Cabals ability to give 2 random friendly ships +20% dodge is bugged.
    I'm running Khala on 40% dodge and even when there is only Khala and Cabal on the battle field, Khala seems to be very lazy. Anyone else who can admit?


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    60% is high rate, but still less than 100%. There is always failure possibility without 100% buff.
    (If enemy uses R6 Deatheye, Khala has only 30~40% chance to dodge in real battle.)

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    I did not try with my own Cabal but my alliance members who use them did not notice any significant change.

    One point that has influence on that might be the introduction of TS-2 Modules. Many players I suppose will try to increase the hitrate attribute. I myself have on average slightly more than 5% hitrate bonus from my TS-2 Modules for all ship types. So Cabal's bonus was a little bit mitigated recently.
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    Works just fine for me. Yesterday my flagship dodged a shot from enemy Aquos. My flagship has 18,5% dodge and enemy Aquos has deatheye on 23% so without Cabal special flagship would never have dodged that bullet.

    You can see the icon below the two ships that get the Cabal dodge. Try and see if your Khala dodge better when she has it. And it is only active for one round.

    I think it's like Night owl say that people have upgraded hit rate as secondary attribute on their TS-2. I have done that on all mine TS-2 anyway. What you can't hit you can't hurt.

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